2 Ways to Protect Your Peeps without Leaving Home! #MagickMonday #StayHome

Altar set up for magickal working

Our worlds have all been disrupted greatly over the last several months, and most of us won’t be getting back to our routines any time soon. I don’t say that to be alarmist, it’s just a point of fact right now. Our struggles range from, suddenly having to figure out how to work from home, being laid off, becoming educators, activity coordinators in addition to parents for our kids, taking voluntary un-paid leave to reduce exposure, or remaining at work in essential positions at great risk to our own health.

The one thing I think it is safe to say that we all have in common right now, is that we are all worried for the health and well-being of ourselves, as well as our family and friends. In times of uncertainty, such as this, we can feel as if we’ve lost control of our lives. That’s where magick comes in.

Bind Rune for Protection and HealthWorking a spell and/or creating a small talisman for yourself and/or loved ones; are perfect examples of how to take back a wee bit of that seemingly lost control; without leaving the safety of your home.

So, I have a special altar set up for the purpose of working a little magick for my loved ones that are still in the outside workforce: Healthcare Workers, Funeral Workers, and others that have been deemed “essential”. I’ve created a Bind Rune for Health & Protection for use in this work.
(see image to the right)

You will need this bind rune, along with the following:

Items Needed
For Spell
For Talisman
Relevant Correspondences


Cypress Essential Oil
Health & Protection
Rosemary Essential Oil
Health & Protection
Small Pieces of Paper

Any for Protection & Health
Flat Stones


Light Green Paint

Dark Blue/Black Paint Marker or Sharpie


Prep work to do before you begin:
Candle Inscribed with Bind Rune for Protection and Health
Prep Work for Spell
Prep Work for Talisman
1.       Anoint Candle with Cypress & Rosemary Oils
2.       Carve or Draw Bind Rune on Surface of Candle
3.       Choose Deities to Call (Or use the ones I chose)
4.       Choose Gemstones/Crystals to Surround Candle
5.       Write Names of Those You Will Protect on Paper(s)
6.       Set up Altar, surround Candle w/ Chosen Crystals
7.       Have Your Personalized Copy of the Spell Ready to Go
1.       Anoint Flat Stones with Cypress & Rosemary Oils
2.       Paint Top Surface of Stones w/ Green Paint, Let Dry
3.       Draw Bind Rune onto Green Face of Stones w/ Dark Blue or Black Sharpie/Paint Marker, Let Dry
4.       Write One Name on Back of Each Stone
5.       Have Copy of the Latin Spell Ready to Go

If you are planning to create the Talisman(s), you would do that AFTER you finish perform the Candle Spell. If you choose not to make them, simply skip the Talisman portion of the directions.

Performing the Magick:

1. Cast Your Circle (Optional. If you feel it is necessary, by all means do so. It’s YOUR magick; perform it your way.)
2. Focus on Your Purpose
3. Light The Candle
4. Recite Your Personalized Version of the Following Spell:

Hecate, Quan Yin, Brighid, & Anubis*
Exalted and Benevolent Ones I ask of thee
Safeguard the Lives & Heath of those in need!
Hold John, Simon, Nick, Roger & Andy** in your loving embrace
Bestow on them Protection, Strength, Health, Wisdom, & Grace.
So Mote it Be!

5. Light the Paper(s) with Names on the Candle’s Flame
6. Drop Lit Paper(s) into Cauldron (or other fireproof receptacle)

Step 6 - Drop Lit Papers into CauldronStep 5 - Light the Papers with Names on the Candle Flame

<If NOT Making Talismans, Skip to Step 11>

7. Take One Prepared Stone in Your Power Hand
8. Pass Stone Quickly Through Candle’s Flame While Reciting the Latin Spell 3 Times

Protego, Sospitatis, Fortidudo, Person’s Name***

9. Place Talisman at the Candle’s Base, and Let the Candle Burn for a little while (But not unattended!)
10. Repeat Steps 7-9 for Each Talisman You’re Making
11. Snuff the Candle When You’re Ready, and you’re good to go!

Step 9 - Place Talisman at Candle's BaseStep 8 - Pass Stone Through Candle Flame While Reciting Spell

*- You can substitute your own Deities, or use general terms (God/Goddess, Lord/Lady)
** - Insert names of specific people or generalized groups, i.e.: Healthcare Workers, Funeral Directors, Essential Workers, etc.
*** - Latin Translates to: Protection, Health, Strength

To deliver your talismans to their recipients, you can send them in the mail - perhaps as part of a small "thinking of you" care package (Support The USPS!!), or you could arrange for a no-contact drop-off if they live nearby.

REMEMBER: Magick also relies on the mundane in order to work!
Practice and encourage safe practices during these times.

·         Wash Your Hands (Well & Often)!
·         Cough/Sneeze into Your Elbow
·         Don’t Touch Your Face
·         STAY HOME!

If You MUST Go Out:

·         Keep 6 ft (1 m) Away From Others
·         Wear A Mask
·         Touch as Little as Possible
·         Dispose of Gloves & Single Use Masks PROPERLY

Until Next Time, Pixilators!
Wishing you Peace, Love, & Pixie Dust.


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  1. And does the talisman then go to the protected?

    1. Oh my stars, I had trouble with the HTML for the tables I inserted, and I totally forgot to write that bit in from my notes! lol

      YES, the protected is meant to receive the talisman. You can send it to them or arrange a no-contact drop off if they're nearby.

      Thanks for the comment....I'm going to go add that in now!

  2. Thanks so much! I will be doing this!


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