The Counsel of Animal, Vegetable, & Ethereal #ForesightFriday

The Counsel of Animal, Vegetable, & Ethereal #ForesightFriday

So who in the world is bonkers enough to pull a card from THREE different decks and read them as one reading? *Looks around at an interwebs full of peeps staring back blankly…then raises own hand* Okay, just me? Alrighty then...let’s get started.

The Animal

Divination Method: The Secret Language of Animals Oracle Cards

Card(s) Drawn: The Dolphin

Key Word(s): Joy, Light, Flow, Compassion

“I follow my bliss, knowing that I am worthy of experiencing Joy.
Following the waves of inspiration within me, I bring great Joy & Light into the world.”

The Vegetable

Divination Method: Nature’s Healing Oracle

Card(s) Drawn: Basil

Key Word(s): Equilibrium

Affirmation: “I seek equilibrium in my thoughts, actions, and practice.”

The Ethereal

Divination Method: The Goddess Guidance Oracle

Card(s) Drawn: Maat

Key Word(s): Fairness

Basic Message: “The situation will be handled in a fair and just manner.”

My Interpretation: Dolphin’s whole shtick is joy, playfulness, going with the flow, connection, inspiration, and compassion. The connection part can be difficult right now, but that’s where inspiration comes in! I mean, firstly “connection” doesn’t just mean to other people, perhaps you need to reconnect with yourself, your deities, or even your art or hobbies. I know so many people that are stuck at home, and how they’ve chosen to connect with others and show compassion is by using their skills and love of sewing to make masks for their friends, loved ones, and complete strangers. Not everyone can sew (Gods know I am one of them, lol) but there are other ways to help. Creating art and sharing it with the world, tell jokes, share pictures of nature that you’ve taken on a walk, write a weird little anything goes pagan-esque blog, whatever floats your boat. The more we can all try to find and spread even a teensy bit of joy, the more joy there is to find and spread!

Basil reminds us that balance is the key to enduring the madness of….*gestures wildly at the world*. It’s easy to let ourselves dive full steam ahead into facts and logic, and forgetting to think of the emotional side of things. It’s equally as easy to get lost in our feelings and get overwhelmed, or enraged. Basil encourages us to find the middle ground between feelings and reason in order to feel balanced and whole.

Maat’s message is one of fairness. That had me going “wait, what?? What about all of this is FAIR?” and then I consulted the book that came with the deck. This bit made this card make sense to me: “Let me suggest another definition for fairness: It’s when all parties involved surrender their personal agendas for the greater good for the entirety of the group.”

 <Insert Gru’s voice saying “Light bulb” here> 💡😂 

I mean, we’re all going a little stir crazy. I mean not all of us, ALL the time…but, I think it’s safe to say we’ve all had our moments. But, if we’re to come out of this mess, we’ve all got to sacrifice some of our routine in order to literally save lives. Do the right thing; stay home as much as possible, wash your hands, stay away from people, be kind, find 5 minutes of joy for yourself, but be mindful of how your activities affect yourself and others.

If I had to boil this reading down to a sentence, it’d be: Find & Spread Joy, Be Creative, Be Helpful, Be Mindful, and Don’t Be a Dick.

Until next time, Pixilators!
Wishing you Peace, Love, & Pixie Dust


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