Pixie Book Review: Liber Khthonia by Jeff Cullen

Pixie Book Review: Liber Khthonia by Jeff Cullen
Pixie Book Review: Liber Khthonia by Jeff Cullen 

A Contemporary Witchcraft & Devotional Tradition of Hekate
Published by Brujo Bros. 2020 | $30 Paperback | $65 Hardcover 

This book review has been a long time coming. I was super stoked when I received Liber Khthonia in January of 2021, but I have been lax in jotting down my thoughts on it for you (until now). 

So, let’s dive into it! 

Why Did I Choose: Liber Khthonia by Jeff Cullen? 

I follow Jeff Cullen on social media, as his artistic renderings of deity have always filled me with awe. In 2020 I saw that he had a Kickstarter campaign for a book that he had written about Hekate.  

I was blown away by the artwork that was shared on the Kickstarter page, as well as what he was including as gifts for the different levels of support. 

I was in! As most of you are aware at this point, Hekate is my main deity squeeze, so being able to have another resource for my practice and witchy education sounded like a great idea.  

What’s Inside Liber Khthonia by Jeff Cullen: 

The 350 pages (344 for the paperback) of this gorgeous book are filled with everything you need to know to develop (or enhance) a witchcraft practice involving Hekate. Cullen shares extensive history, insights, and correspondences throughout the book, and puts any notations to source materials in the margin (which really jives well with the way my ADHD brain funtions. Thanks, Jeff!).  

He also gives us a comprehensive look into his own personal cult of Hekate. Included are many of his beautifully crafted prayers & rituals, recipes for incenses, oils, & potions, as well as how his personal cult incorporates other deities (most notably for me: Pan...who also happens to be part of my own personal pantheon). 

Just after the Foreword by Anna Applegate, Jeff's mother tells the story of how Hekate came into his life as a small child. This intimate peek into the beginning of their relationship in and of itself was worth the read for me (but, I’m a sentimental softy that way, lol).  

Things I’ve put into practice and/or adapted from the book: 

My practice is nowhere near as formal and intricate as the one Jeff gives us in this incredible volume, but I have used some of the prayers.  

I’ve also been inspired to elaborate my own invocation to Her based on his exquisitely worded prayers. 

I will likely be utilizing this more as a reference for any spell-work or rituals I may develop involving Hekate in future. I’ll also probably make use of Cullen’s incense & oil recipes. 

Final Thoughts on Liber Khthonia by Jeff Cullen: 

Basically, if you are interested in Hekate AT ALL, buy this book. Even if, like myself, you are not very traditional in your practice. The information within these pages is invaluable.  

As a self-taught devotee of this extraordinary Goddess, the author validated much of my own findings, thoughts, and feelings in regards to who She is.  

Honestly, I don’t think there are words to adequately express how much I adore this book. It is an obvious labor of love based on a lifetime of personal experience and academic study.

If you’re not sure about which version of the book you’d rather own, I’ll just say that the hardcover edition has silver gilded page edges, and includes 7 spectacular full-page illustrations (by Cullen) that cannot be found in the paperback. In my opinion, these bring this otherwise wonderful book up to a positively Divine level. 


Liber Khthonia by Jeff Cullen is available via: 

Jeff Cullen Artistry

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