Foresight Friday: Fix, Forgive, and Forge Ahead

Foresight Friday: Fix, Forgive, and Forge Ahead

Foresight Friday: Fix, Forgive, and Forge Ahead

Divination Method: Labyrinth Tarot 

Card Drawn: Judgement, Reversed

Key Words: Indecisiveness, Self-Doubt, Self-Judgement  

My Foresight Friday Interpretation: 

It Friday again, Friends. It's been a beautiful week here in my neck of the woods, and I'm looking forward to more nice weather this weekend. 

But, you're not here for a weather report,  let's get to the cards!

I watched Labyrinth the other day, so we're sticking with the Labyrinth Tarot.

The card that has presented itself to us this week is: Judgement, in the reversed position.  

The Judgement card from the Labyrinth Tarot in the reversed position.

Depicted on the card are the confounding (and confounded) Door Guards.

If this were upright it would indicate that we had a decision ahead of us, as well as a warning to not make that decision hastily.

Reversed, it suggests we may be dealing with some self-doubt or regret over a previous decision or mistake we've made. 

Whatever it is we've done, or not done, second guessing ourselves won't help us at all as we try to move forward. 

So we chose the wrong door, contrary to what the one guard has told us, it did not lead to certain death. 

Life goes on, and we'll get back on course, just like Sarah did, but that doesn't mean we'll do it alone. 

Sarah made it out of the oubliette, with a little help from Hoggle; and we'll make it out of our metaphorical one.

It's time to do what we can to fix things, forgive ourselves, our forge ahead. 

Until Next Time, Pixilators! 

Wishing You Peace, Love, & Pixie Dust 

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