Foresight Friday: Father Knows Best

Foresight Friday: Father Knows Best

Foresight Friday: Father Knows Best

Divination Method: The Wild Unknown Tarot 

Card Drawn: Father of Swords 

Key Words: Fair, Analytical 

My Foresight Friday Interpretation: 

Welcome back, friends! Tis the Ides of March, but it's also my kid's birthday! So, if you know my kid, be sure to wish her a Happy Birthday!! I've got a busy weekend ahead as an on-duty grandma while said kid is out of town (part work, part fun).

Guess I'd better get to this whole reading thing, eh?

We're sticking with The Wild Unknown Tarot this week and after a bit of a shuffle (which you can watch on the TikTok or facebook, or Instagram - OH MY!) the card that has presented itself to us is the Father of Swords.

This card depicts a mature, somewhat stern-faced owl. With his back to the darkness, he holds tight to a sword that radiates with all the colors of the rainbow.

The Father of Swords is an objective observer who - much like the others in the Sword family - pulls no punches when dishing out advice.

The Father of Swords card from The Wild Unknown Tarot.

The rainbow-colored sword is representative of the knowledge & wisdom he has acquired from all realms (These realms include the magical, mundane, emotional, communication, intellect, creation, relationships, career, strength, power, etc....y'know: all the things life is made up of!).

The Father of Swords wields his sword swiftly & fairly as he dishes out the lessons and advice that we need to hear.

I feel like this week he's reminding us to think before we act. He's making sure we check facts and look at credible resources so that we can confidently follow our hearts knowing that our mission is grounded in truth & wisdom, not dreams & fallacy.

No matter how much we want to rush into something (sometimes that urge is SO STRONG), we need to pause and make sure we have our facts straight, and a plan for utilizing them.

Alrighty, folks, I'm off to get ready for my wild weekend of grandkids & grandpets. If you celebrate St. Patrick's Day, have fun, be safe, and have a pint for me! 

Sláinte! ☘️ 🍻 ☘️ 

Until Next Time, Pixilators! 

Wishing You Peace, Love, & Pixie Dust 

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