Foresight Friday: Dig Deep to Discover Your Truth


Foresight Friday: Dig Deep to Discover Your Truth

Foresight Friday: Dig Deep to Discover Your Truth

Divination Method: Flower Magic Oracle 

Card Drawn: Weigela

Key Word: Discover 

My Foresight Friday Interpretation:

Hey there, Peeps!! It's technically Spring, but winter is having one last (hopefully) hurrah in my area before letting the warmth and sunshine take over. I'm sooooo ready for some sunshine!

OK, let's do this...

Spring gets me looking forward to seeing flowers again so, I pulled out Rachel Patterson's Flower Magic Oracle. After an awkward shuffle (my tiny hands forgot how big the cards are! ), the card that presented itself to us is Weigela.

The key word for Weigela is "Discover", which makes sense when you see that the woman on the card is holding her hand up over her brow as if to help herself peer into the distance. Next to her is an Eagle, and we all know that eagles are known for their keen sense of sight.

The Weigela card from the Flower Magic  Oracle by Rachel Patterson.

Rachel’s Words of Wisdom in regards to this fiery blossom are: 

“Life is a journey ready to be discovered. 

What will be found, what will be uncovered?

Look inward first and then progress, 

knowledge and wisdom, you will possess. 

Explore, experience, and find new things, 

Keep your mind open and spread your wings.” 

Weigela flower essence is used to increase our ability to, not only understand, but to speak our emotional truth.

Magically, it can be used to draw new experiences, skills, interests, and even relationships (of all kinds) into our lives.

The last couple weeks have had us looking for inspiration, and learning all that we can about situations before we jump recklessly into action...This week feels like the third step on the path to wherever the heck all of this learning is taking us. The big difference is that now we're called to look within ourselves to discover what it is we truly feel about things.

Are we truly in the right place mentally & emotionally to take on something new? If not...what inner boogey men must we subdue before we move forward?

Think of it like we're tilling the soil in this year's emotional/spiritual garden. We may uncover some icky bugs, get our shovels caught on a tangled knot of roots, or even some find assorted rocks that need removing. It can be frustrating and tiring, but it is necessary in order to clear the way for new and beautiful things.

So, let's get to digging so we can discover, examine, understand, and express our truth. 

Until Next Time, Pixilators 

Wishing You Peace, Love, & Pixie Dust 

______ ☮💗🧚______

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