Foresight Friday: Speak Your Mind

Foresight Friday: Speak Your Mind

Foresight Friday: Speak Your Mind

Divination Method: The Dark Crystal Tarot 

Card Drawn: Page of Stones, Reversed

Key Words:  Holding Back,  Apprehensive

My Foresight Friday Interpretation: 

It's Friday once again, my friends! I hope you were all able to start the process of clearing out the crap you no longer have use for (both physical and metaphorical). I, for one, am full of plans and ideas...I just have to find the time, energy, and motivation to see them to completion. Easier said than done, but I'll get there.

Anywhoooo, let's get to this week's reading...

I'm still sticking with The Dark Crystal Tarot this week, and the card that has presented itself to us this week is: The Page of Stones, in the reversed position.

Depicted on this card is Princess Tavra. She is a skilled warrior and the middle child of Mayrin (The Maudra of the Vapra Clan as well as All-Maudra of all Gelfling kind).

The Page of Stones card from The Dark Crystal Tarot in the reversed position.

Tavra is adventurous and protective in addition to being a fair and straight-forward communicator/mediator. Were the card in the upright position, these attributes would carry some weight in the reading, but it is reversed. 

The Page of Stones being reversed indicates that we are channeling Tavra as she experiences a bout of "middle child syndrome". That is to say, we're not feeling all together confident that what we feel about a situation - or about what we think our role should be - is all that important, therefore we're having trouble communicating our thoughts/needs/wants/etc.

We're holding back for some reason and this is not a time when doing so is in our best interest. This is the time when we need to push aside the imposter syndrome and speak our minds.

We have expertise and insight. We have a unique perspective. We have valuable input. We have to let it be heard.

It's ok if we're nervous about it, but we've got to say it. 

So I'll leave you with a quote from the Notorious RBG (Ruth Bader Ginsburg if you're nasty):

"Speak your mind, even if your voice shakes." ~ Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Until Next Time, Pixilators! 

Wishing You Peace, Love, & Pixie Dust 

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