Foresight Friday: Shhh! Just Let It Happen.


Foresight Friday: Shhh! Just Let It Happen.

Foresight Friday: Shhh! Just Let It Happen. 

Divination Method: Good Omens Tarot 

Card Drawn: Death, Reversed

Key Words: Resistance to Change, Inability to Move Forward  Fear of New Beginnings 

My Foresight Friday Interpretation: 

T'was the Friday before Yule and all throughout Pixieland my head was a poundin' like a drummer in Dixieland. 

My implant's finally finished. My gums, they are sore. But at least there's no hole in my face anymore. 🤣

With the Good Omens tarot, I decide we will stay, and so, I begin to shuffle away. 

Suddenly a card flies from the deck. It sits on the floor by my foot as I check.

I slowly bend down, while holding my breath, and see that, presented reversed, is Death.

<The Pixie deeply curtsies to your thunderous applause.>

The Death card from the Good Omens tarot in the reversed position.

Depicted on the Death card is the dark and ominously adorned Angel of Death who is brandishing a large, glowy scythe. 

Upright, this card indicates a big, ginormous, epically fundamental type of change. 

In the reversed position, it still means change is coming... but it's an indication that we're gumming up the works. 

Whatever is happening, or about to happen, can't be stopped. The wheels are already in motion and all of our resistance and trepidation are a waste of energy. 

Rather than put up a big stink and cause a ruckus that will bring a metaphorical Principal Vernon in to remind us that if we mess with the bull, we'll get the horns, we should just shush and let it happen. 

Change is inevitable, and resisting it is exponentially more futile than resisting the Borg.

Alrighty, Nerds (she says affectionately) reminder that I'm taking next week off for Yule Festivities. I will be back on the 29th, however for our New Year's Reading!! 😘

Have a marvelous holiday!!

Until Next Time, Pixilators! 

Wishing You Peace, Love, & Pixie Dust 

 ______ ☮💗🧚______

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