Foresight Friday: Find Stillness, Experience Peace


Foresight Friday: Find Stillness, Experience Peace

Foresight Friday: Find Stillness, Experience Peace

Divination Method: The Wild Unknown Tarot 

Card Drawn: 4 of Swords

Key Words: Stillness, Mental Power

My Foresight Friday Interpretation: 

Hello, friends. Thanks for your understanding my need for some time off. My kind, generous, and impish father-in-law passed away, and the focus had to be put on what the family needed. 

There is some happy news this week though, as the hubs and I celebrated our 27th wedding anniversary yesterday. Woot! Go us!

Anywho, let's get down to the business of this week's reading...

This morning I grabbed my Wild Unknown Tarot and started to shuffle. After a while, the card that presented itself to us is the 4 of Swords.

Depicted on the card is a very chill and zen looking lamb. Its Third Eye is aglow and peaceful look is on its face as 4 swords loom overhead.

The 4 of Swords card from The Wild Unknown Tarot

Now, I can certainly understand if y'all are thinking "Oh shit!". Because it does seem like a situation that would be a tad alarming. However, much like what we see in our dreams, images on the tarot are not always what they initially seem.

This card is here to let us know that, even though we may be experiencing things that have us worried, afraid, or anxious... freaking out about it and acting in a rash manner will do nothing but make things worse.

The swords above us may never drop, but if we leap to our feet in a panic as we try to escape the situation, we're likely to get hurt anyway.

What we need to do right now is shift our focus inward and seek out a place of stillness within.

In that place of stillness we can find both rest and clarity. This is the place we can relax, begin to heal and set our fears aside in order to find a rational way to move forward.

Have faith that, despite how the situation feels, we are equipped with the tools to deal with it. It's time to be gentle with ourselves and give ourselves the much needed sanctuary in which to find our inner stillness.

For once we find the stillness within, we will also experience peace in the world around us.

Until Next Time, Pixilators! 

Wishing You Peace, Love, & Pixie Dust 

 ______ ☮💗🧚______

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