Foresight Friday: Look Twice Before You Leap


Foresight Friday: Look Twice Before You Leap

Foresight Friday: Look Twice Before You Leap

Divination Method: Supernatural Tarot 

Card Drawn: The Moon

Key Words: Intuition, Illusion, Deception

My Foresight Friday Interpretation: 

It's Foresight Friday again, Friends! I hope you all had fun shaking things up a bit last week! My idea of shaking things up was to actually start to schedule my days. My ADHD has kind of been running off the rails unless I've had actual plans. SO, having scheduled days for 'must do tasks' has worked for me in the past, so I brought it back. I have a handy dandy tangible planner in which to...well...plan. So far, things are going pretty well. Fingers crossed I can keep it up.

Anywhoodles, on to this week's reading...

I shuffled the Supernatural tarot for a good long while, and the card that finally presented itself to us is The Moon.

Depicted on this card is Gabriel. Yup, that adorable trickster of an Archangel who posed as the demigod Loki. Gabriel was often a thorn in the side of the Winchester boys, but when Sam and Dean payed extra close attention, and trusted their intuition, they would eventually beat Gabriel at his own game.

The Moon card from the Supernatural: Join the Hunt tarot.

Much like Gabriel/Loki, The Moon indicates that things are not all that they seem to be. It doesn't necessarily mean that there's a sinister plot afoot, but it does mean that we should make an effort to properly examine each situation before we dive head first into it.

As Charlotte Bronte once said: "Look twice before you leap." This is certainly the week to do just that.

This doesn't mean that we need to be paranoid, it just means that we need to trust our gut. If something feels "off" we should probably channel our inner Rafiki and look harder. lol 

It could also mean that good things are lurking around a corner for us as well, so whichever way we feel we're being pulled, we should go there.

Not all hidden things are bad things, just as not all secret plots are nefarious. This is simply a time to be more aware of the ebbs and flows of the energy surrounding us, and to pay close attention to details.

If we're not on our game, we just might end up with a Universal Pie in the Face, followed by an impish Universal "gotcha". It wouldn't exactly be world ending, just a bit embarrassing. 

So, let's get out there and play our "A Game" and catch Gabriel in the act. 😉

Gif depicting Gabriel from Supernatural saying "You're right. I was screwing with you."

Until Next Time, Pixilators! 

Wishing You Peace, Love, & Pixie Dust 

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