Foresight Friday: Be Wiser, Not a Miser

Foresight Friday: Be Wiser, Not a Miser

Foresight Friday: Be Wiser, Not a Miser 

Divination Method: Hocus Pocus Tarot

Card Drawn: King of Pumpkins, Reversed

Key Words: Poor Judgement, Miserly, Impractical, Lack of Success

My Foresight Friday Interpretation: 

It's Foresight Friday, My People!! I've spent the last week up to my eyeballs in a kitchen re-do (not exactly, remodeling, but a more budget-friendly reworking), as well as lots of art stuffs (Thanks to the Artober4Kids art challenge). Not everyone will understand this, but the creative process for both my kitchen and my art always leads me through darkness before I can emerge into the light last weeks card certainly plaid out for me.

What do the cards have to say today?? Let's find out...

We're back to using the Hocus Pocus tarot this week. I figured with Samhain/Halloween being Monday, this was the most appropriate deck for the job.

The card presenting itself to us this week is the King of the reversed position.

Depicted on the card is a very affluent house with elaborately carved jack-o-lanterns surrounding its foundation (the King likely hired a professional to carve them, lol).

The King of Pumpkins card from the Hocus Pocus Tarot, in the reversed position.

If this card were upright it'd mean wealth, wisdom, and success would abound.'s reversed, so... it's kind of the opposite of that. lol

Reversed, the King of Pumpkins is hoarding his wealth and wisdom, leaving us all to fend for ourselves. This can lead to us making poor financial decisions...or just poor decisions in general.

This card is a warning us to be wise with our money, but to also NOT turn into this cold, miserly version of the King himself (Give that trick-or-treater more than one piece of candy, dammit! <glares at husband>).

If we find ourselves struggling, we should seek advice from someone knowledgeable. If that person turns out to be a representative of today's card, then we must do our due diligence via reliable alternatives (Google can be our friend, if we're cautious).

Basically, we need to evaluate our own part played in any unsuccessful ventures, control any urges to be stingy or greedy...and yet, make sure we are not so generous that we leave ourselves spent (monetarily or energetically).

I've summed all that up in the title to this post: Be Wiser, Not a Miser. 😘

Have a Blessed Samhain and a Happy Halloween, everyone!

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