Foresight Friday: Let Your Inner Child Run Free!


Foresight Friday: Let Your Inner Child Run Free!

Foresight Friday: Let Your Inner Child Run Free!   

Divination Method: The Labyrinth Tarot 

Card Drawn: Page of Pots

Key Words: Creativity, Inexperience, Inner Child, New Relationships 

My Foresight Friday Interpretation: 

Happy Friday, Friends! First, I'd like to say that my heart is with everyone in Florida that has been experiencing the wrath of Hurricane Ian. Thankfully, my family and friends are all safe, though most are without power, and some are dealing with flooding. Please, stay safe and I hope the recovery effort goes swiftly and smoothly.

Now, let's get down to today's business at hand: Your Foresight Friday Forecast!

I stuck with The Labyrinth Tarot this week, hind sight, perhaps I should have used my Hocus Pocus deck since Hocus Pocus 2 premieres today. Welp, too late now! lol

As I was shuffling away, today's card just went 'POP!' right out of the deck and landed in my lap. Which, now that I think of it, is rather fitting considering our card is the Page of Pots.

Depicted on this card is an impish little metal-clad goblin who is strutting his little self about the Labyrinth.

The Page of Pots card from the Labyrinth Tarot.

This card gives off HUGE Inner Child vibes. We're talking about creative energy, approaching things with a sense of wonder and joy, playfulness, new relationships, and things we're not so adept at.

So, it's looking like we're meant to let loose a bit. I mean, let's not go absolutely frikken bonkers, but we should definitely follow wherever our creativity leads us.

We should approach this week by letting our Inner Child lead the way. Meaning that looking at things with the fresh perspective of a child...not a bratty child either (petulance is reserved for this card in the reversed position, lol), but a child that is open to learning new things, and meeting new people.

It's time to let our inner idealist shine, and notice all the beauty in the world, and enjoy creating our own things of beauty. 

If anyone is looking for a way to let their inner child run free, check out this year's Artober4Kids art challenge for kids of ALL ages (starts October 3rd) Info can be found  in the following places:

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

It's a good time, and I'm already working on my piece for the first prompt!

Alrighty folks, get them inner kids running free! I expect to here and see some amazing things from all of you!

Until Next Time, Pixilators! 

Wishing You Peace, Love, & Pixie Dust 


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