Foresight Friday: Don't Be a Judgey McJudgeface


Foresight Friday: Don't Be a Judgey McJudgeface

Foresight Friday: Don't Be a Judgey McJudgeface  

Divination Method: The Labyrinth Tarot 

Card Drawn: Judgement, Reversed

Key Words: Self-Doubt, Self-Judgement

My Foresight Friday Interpretation: 

Welcome back, everyone! Hope everyone was able to revel in their successes last week. The hubs and I celebrated our success as a couple - we've been together for 30 years (26 of those years married), and we're feeling pretty damn good about that!

I'm feeling a bit of a shift happening this week...let's see what that's all about.

The Labyrinth Tarot was calling my name today and the card that presented itself to us is Judgement, in the reversed position.

Depicted on this card are the four Door Guards that Sarah encounters on her journey through the Labyrinth. They present her with a choice of two doors. One leads to the castle, while the other leads to certain death. (No pressure, right? lol)

Judgement card from the Labyrinth tarot.

If you know the film, then you know that Sarah gets to ask the guards one question, bearing in mind that one always tells the truth, while the other always lies.

If this card were upright, it would likely indicate that we would have an equally important choice to make. Being that it is reversed, it indicates that we may be second guessing one that we've already made.

We've made our choice and, much like Sarah, things didn't go quite as we expected. This has planted seeds of self-doubt. We're struggling to see how things are headed in the right direction, when it feels a bit wrong.

We need to remember that our inner critic tends to be reflected in the Door Guard with a proclivity for falsehoods.

Just because things seem to be going wrong, that doesn't mean we can't turn things around. Beating ourselves up for our choices does no good. It just upsets us and distracts us from seeing possible solutions to our dilemmas.

So, when we find ourselves being our own worst critic, we might want to remind ourselves that nobody likes a Judgey McJudgeface, and we should just NOT BE ONE. We simply need to learn from, and figure out how to recover from, our missteps and keep on keeping on.

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