Ponderings of a Pensive Pixie Vol. 1: Unfoldment

Ponderings of a Pensive Pixie Vol. 1

Ponderings of a Pensive Pixie Vol. 1: Unfoldment 

Howdy, folks! Your Pixie is feeling a tad pensive today so, I thought I'd write my thoughts down and share them. Who knows, maybe you'll even glean a nugget of wisdom to chew on for a while...

Hypatia (ancient trailblazing female philosopher, astronomer, and mathematician) once said "Life is an unfoldment, and the further we travel the more truth we can comprehend."

My life, and my spiritual path are no exception to this.

What is an unfoldment? If you're thinking it's a constant unfolding of something that slowly reveals what lies beneath or inside, then you get the idea.

 The actual definition is "the gradual development or revelation of something."

So, yeah. My life and spiritual path have certainly fit the definition.

I was having a visit with a friend the other day, and as we went down the road on a bit of a wander, I said something about how I have always been a witch, I just didn't know that I was until early 2003. 

The fact that I was 30 at the time makes that sound a bit bonkers. I mean, how does one live for 30 frikken years and NOT KNOW??

Welp, I just hadn't unfolded that part of myself yet. 

I mean, I spent my whole life believing most of what I currently do in regards to the Universe and our connections to all of the creations within it. I knew that I had prophetic dreams, and could communicate with Spirits (in my youth it was simply detecting their presence). I knew I could direct energy that I'd drawn from the earth beneath my feet to wherever I wished it to go... but I had no idea of any terminology or practices by others of such things. 

So, you see, this was always who I was and what I did...I just didn't realize that it was a thing. I had zero clue that this was something other people did and believed. I spent 30 years of my life thinking that I was pretty much alone in these things.  (not psychic abilities, I knew others believed in them... just didn't know anyone else in my life that had them.)

Anyway, since then my path has been through many evolutions (does that make me a Pokémon?? 😆).

I spent my first year A.E. (after epiphany 😉) as a solitary Wiccan. Then, I was a member of a bustling online Wiccan coven & school for 8 yrs, followed by 10 yrs as a member of a local coven (which included being a 1st degree Priestess, 3 yrs as Assistant High Clergy, and even a bit of time as interim High Priestess while the actual HPS recovered from a serious health issue).

I have learned so much from so many people in the last 19 years.  The biggest lessons I've learned? To trust myself, that I am a powerful & talented badass, and to listen to the Universe.

It has been revealed to me within these almost 2 decades that I can work within the confines of a group if I choose to. I've discovered that I'm not Wiccan, but an Eclectic Witch.  I've even learned that I have much to offer to the witchy community. 

The most recent unfoldment to occur has resulted in my becoming a solitary practitioner once more. I treasure my time & experiences with the coven, and have made some epic level friends in the process. It was just... time to move on. 

My Path is once again leading me somewhere new...and yet, it is somehow familiar. 

Is there a point in all of this? I don't know.  Maybe I'm just feeling reflective and wanted you all to know that it's ok if your idea of a fulfilling life (spiritual or otherwise) changes over time. 

Sure, change can be ridiculously nerve wracking, but it can also be ridiculously rewarding. 

These changes, epiphanies, and evolutions that I've had are all a part of my growth.

Hell, even the many...many mistakes I've made in my 50 years on this Earth have shaped who I am.

The thing is, even some of those mistakes have reaped rewards (hell, maybe all of them have...I may just not be able to see the dots connected).

Hypatia was right, life is indeed an unfoldment. 

What are your thoughts on the subject? Feel free to add your own ponderings - or any questions about mine - in the comments. 

Until Next Time, Pixilators!

Wishing You Peace, Love, & Pixie Dust 


  1. I get this. I was with a coven in the beginning, split with them, and have been an eclectic solitary since.


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