Foresight Friday: Trust In Yourself & The Promise of A New Day


Foresight Friday: Trust In Yourself & The Promise of A New Day.

Foresight Friday: Trust Yourself in the Light of A New Day

Divination Method: The Wild Unknown Tarot

Cards Drawn: The Sun, 8 of Pentacles

My Foresight Friday Interpretation:

Hello again, friends and: Happy Friday!! Last week was tense for a bunch of us. Decisions had to be made and steps had to be taken. Hopefully, y'all didn't drive yourselves too bonkers in the process.

This week there seems to be a bit of an energy shift. So, let's get to it!

I switched to The Wild Unknown Tarot this week and ended up with two cards for us. I shuffled away, and as I flipped over the first one - which I'm gonna say is our main vibe for the week - the second one plopped out of the deck and fell face up on my foot.

Our first card is The Sun. 

Key Words: Vitality, Enlightenment, Clarity

The Sun card depicts a giant radiating Sun (duh, lol) in the center with four doves flying off towards each corner. The colors that dominate the card are Yellow and Deep orange. It is here to signify a time of warmth, joy, renewed viality, and some long sought after clarity. (Sing it with me: 🎵 I can see clearly now, the swords have gone!🎵 😂)

Things may have felt a bit grim last week, but we made our choices and (in the spirit of Ponyboy Curtis) stepped out into the bright sunlight from the darkness of our brooding souls. 

I see the doves on this card as a hint that we're going to experience a bit of calm and peace in several aspects of our lives. This will be a welcome change. 

The Sun card and the * of Pentaclescard from The Wild Unknown Tarot.

Our second card is The 8 of Pentacles

Key Words: Craftsmanship, Skill  

The depiction on the 8 of Pentacles is that of a spider sitting in the center of a web that she has skillfully crafted.

This card usually indicates that it's time to dive into a project and try to master the skillsets required to achieve remarkable results.

In the light of The Sun, the 8 of Pentacles suggests that we should take advantage of this new day that has dawned and either try our hand at something knew (that we've, perhaps been putting off) or to finally reach the pinnacle of acccomplishment with something we've been working on for a while.

We have to trust that we have the ability to master the art of crafting whatever it is we wish to create. The Sun will shine its light where we need it so that we are able.

This is a week of hope, fulfilment, clarity, and accomplishment...fueled by the Promise of a proverbial New Day. Which leads me to Paula Abdul. This song is musically filled with the idea that even though change has come, steps are being made towards living a meaningful life filled with joy and accomplishment.

So, what the hell, listen to Paula for a few, then go out there and enjoy creating the life you've been envisioning.

Until Next Time, Pixilators

Wishing You Peace, Love, & Pixie Dust

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