Foresight Friday: Still Waters Run Deep


Foresight Friday: Still Waters Run Deep.

Foresight Friday: Still Waters Run Deep

Divination Method: The Wild Unknown Tarot 

Card Drawn: Son of Cups

Key Words: Artistic, Introspective

My Foresight Friday Interpretation: 

Welcome back to my piece of the interwebs, friends. If you're in touch with the outside world, AT ALL, you know that last week was full of immeasurable heartbreak. I hope you unfurled your wings and grabbed your sword...even if it was only by using the power of your voice to demand that something finally be done to address such PREVENTABLE tragedies.

But, you're not here to see me spew forth from my soap box, so I'll get down from it now and get on with the business at hand. 

Depicted on this card is a young male swan with a cup that is full and radiating vibrant colors.

While the swan looks calm, the cup looks as if it's about to burst forth and express ALL THE THINGS. The background is very angular, which also seems to beg for something to be expressed.

The Son of Cups card from the Wild Unknown Tarot.

The Son of Cups represents a state of introspection, and artistic expression (usually fueld by the former).

What does that mean for us this week? I think it means that we're all overwhelmed by so much, that taking a couple days to reflect on how best to address everything that is ready to make our cup overflow in a potentially agressive way is probably a stellar idea.

It's also a reminder for us to not assume we know what's going on in someone's head and heart, simlpy because they seem calm, emotionless, or unaffected by circumstances. 

Still waters run deep, and there is often so much going on beneath the surface that we cannot see.

We're being directed to take a little time to sort things out in our own heads, and to express what needs to be expressed in a creative manner. Whether that is journaling, drawing, painting, wood working, photography, gardening, poetry...anything really...we just need to find a way to get it all (or mostly) out before we explode and take our anguish out on others.

Express to your peeps that you love them, cherish every moment with those you love, and be kind. 

Until Next Time, Pixilators! 

Wishing You Peace, Love, & Pixie Dust 


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