Pixie Book Review: Craft of the Hedge Witch by Geraldine Smythe

Pixie Book Review: Craft of the Hedge Witch by Geraldine Smythe.

Pixie Book Review: Craft of the Hedge Witch by Geraldine Smythe  

Crossed Crow Books August 2022| $18.95 Paperback | ISBN 978-8-9856281-1-1  

Hello, Pixilators! It’s been what seems like forever since my last book review, but the winter months were a whirlwind for me, and I’m just now starting to get caught up. So, let’s dive right in to this latest book! 

Why Did I Choose: Craft of the Hedge Witch by Geraldine Smythe? 

Several months ago, I received an email from Crossed Crow Books asking if I’d like to review Craft of the Hedge Witch, which is to be released later this year. I’d never heard of this publishing company before, but I’ve been curious about Hedgecraft for a while now, and I’m always game to read new things, so – of course – I said yes! 

What’s Inside: Craft of the Hedge Witch by Geraldine Smythe? 

In these 204 pages the author shares her thoughts and experiences about her own journey as a Hedge Witch. 

She thoughtfully explains the art of Hedgecraft, and introduces the reader to her own method for shifting between states of consciousness, as well as how to find their “key” (which is a word, phrase, or object that the practitioner uses to easily facilitate the shift away from the mundane world and into the Otherworld). 

The last section of the book is where Smythe gives her readers some recipes, concepts, and spells from her own personal grimoire. Included in the recipes are a tea, an incense, and a spritz – all of which are intended to help the Hedge Witch as they engage in the practice of Hedge Riding. 

Things I will likely put into practice from the book: 

I don’t know that I would consider myself a Hedge Witch, but I do see many things within Smythe’s vision of Hedgecraft that resonate with me. I may try to employ some of her techniques the next time I try my hand at lucid dreaming (something I’ve had very limited success with in the past). 

Final Thoughts on: Craft of the Hedge Witch by Geraldine Smythe:

Hedge Witchery is something that I admittedly knew very little about until I read this book. I wouldn’t say this is an all-encompassing tome that will tell you everything you ever wanted to know and more, but it does give a very personal look at one Hedge Witch’s practice, and is loaded with her wisdom, insights, and practical knowledge. 

Smythe teases that she may, in future, publish more in-depth entries from her grimoire...I have to say, I wouldn’t mind a peek!  

All in all, I enjoyed this book, and think it would make a good addition to any well-read witch’s library. 


The Paperback Edition of Craft of the Hedge Witch is due to be published and available for purchase in August 2022 ($18.95). 

A Special Edition Hardcover of Craft of the Hedge Witch by Geraldine Smythe ($37) is available for Pre-order via: 

Crossed Crow Books 

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