Foresight Friday: Fierce, Focused Fixation Finishes Fabulously

Foresight Friday: Fierce, Focused Fixation Finishes Fabulously
Foresight Friday: Fierce, Focused Fixation Finishes Fabulously 

Divination Method: The Secret Language of Animals Oracle Cards 

Card Drawn: Python 

Key Words: Discernment, Detachment, Transformation, Renewal 


I release the past to awaken the new. 

I see my world through the eyes of who I am becoming. 

My Foresight Friday Interpretation: 

Happy Friday, peeps! I hope you all let Crow spotlight your awesomeness and coax you toward what comes next. I’ve personally had a few things revealed to me, and I’m looking forward to working on these areas of focus. 

Let’s see what the cards have to say this week... 

I decided to stick with The Secret Language of Animals Oracle. I shuffled, and shuffled and half the deck flipped off of the top and landed with a “smack!”. I looked down to see Python looking up at me. 

Normally, I would take that as “this is our card”, but apparently, I hadn’t had enough coffee yet, so I picked the cards up and continued shuffling. When I felt the need to flip one over...there was Python looking up at me once again. 

Soooo, yeah, our card is Python!  

In dreams, snakes generally represent transformation, and so does Python. She doesn’t bring it on in a sudden, striking manner that a cobra would; she brings it to us in a slower, methodical, and intentioned way (one might even say she's firece & focused in her fixations 😉). 

The Python card from The Secret Language of Animals Oracle.

We’re being shown where we’re to go, but we’re also being told to sit with this new knowledge for a bit. 

Now isn’t the time to rush off and shout our intentions to the rooftops, or even to get busy doing ALL THE THINGS in order to make it happen. The time for those things will come...but, for now, we are to spend some time ruminating on our intentions. 

We must visualize what it is we truly want to come of this, and bathe in the glow of this vision...just as Python bathes in sunlight. 

Making our visions clear helps The Universe pinpoint what it needs to send our way. 

Focus of intention is generally important when one wishes to manifest something, but we’re currently heading into another Mercury retrograde cycle, so focused intend is even more important now. 

We don’t want our wishes to be misinterpreted or rushed into existence. If things are thrown together in haste, key factors for long-term success are likely to be missed. 

This isn’t the time to go about things half-assed. It’s whole ass or nothing! Lol 

Python is in tune with the rhythms of life, and we must trust her to let us know when the time is right to move from focused intent to purposeful action.  

Trust her to let us know the ‘how’ that accompany our ‘what’. If we detach from our ideas of how we think things should manifest, they won’t get in the way of us seeing how they actually choose to materialize. 

Remember what this post is titled, Kids: Fierce, Focused Fixation Finishes Fabulously! 

Until Next Time, Pixilators! 

Wishing You Peace, Love, & Pixie Dust 


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