Foresight Friday: Don’t Whine About It. Stay Calm & Move On.

Foresight Friday: Don’t Whine About It. Stay Calm & Move On.

Foresight Friday: Don’t Whine About It. Stay Calm & Move On. 

Divination Method: The Labyrinth Tarot 

Card Drawn: Justice, Reversed 

Key Words: Injustice, Dishonesty, Guilty Conscience, Avoidance, Consequences   

My Foresight Friday Interpretation: 

Welcome back, Peeps! I do hope that you were all able to let loose and have a little wild time last week. I had no problem connecting with my wild side, because I had a couple of days with my grandkids. It was exhausting, but definitely fun.

This week I’m back to the Labyrinth Tarot, let’s see what it has to tell us... 

Shuffled up a frikken storm for us to be presented with the Justice card, in the reversed position. 

Depicted on this card is the sometimes helpful, always handsy, Helping Hands!  

The Justice card is generally about Justice (duh), Accountability, and a Sense of Fairness. When looking for Justice, we should always be mindful of how we approach it, as well as be aware that we will also be held accountable for our role in the situation.  

Justice card from the Labyrinth Tarot, in the reversed position.

With this card in the reversed position, we are likely dealing with a situation in which there is injustice of some kind...or even someone who is trying to avoid Karmic consequences. 

Sometimes we end up dealing with some undeserved fallout as a result of the actions of others. We will feel like we’re getting utterly shafted, and that may very well be the case – but, while we may not bare any responsibility for being in this situation, we absolutely bare responsibility for how we respond to it. 

This card appears as a warning to us. Not a warning that something awful is to happen...but a warning that things will go from bad to worse if we do not keep our wits about us and remain calm. 

We must do our best to keep our scales balanced. Overreacting leads to the scales being tipped one way, while being fully passive and nonresponsive could tip them in a way that spills everything all over us. 

The fact of the matter is that life isn’t fair sometimes. We may also need to examine our feelings to see if we aren’t overlooking how our past decisions may have played a part in what is currently happening. 

If we truly are paying the price for someone else’s mistakes, whining about our misfortune will not help. I mean, did all of Sarah’s whining help her as she struggled to find her way through Jareth’s Labyrinth? No, it most certainly didn’t. She made progress when she focused on each new problem that arose, and calmly used her head to find solutions. 

She was only able to overcome the obstacles of the Labyrinth because she eventually stopped having tantrums, started solving problems, and kept moving on.  

That’s precisely what we need to do as well. If we stop whining, stay calm, and use our heads, we too can keep moving on. 

Until Next Time, Pixilators! 

Wishing You Peace, Love, & Pixie Dust 



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