Foresight Friday: Time to Punch The Devil in the Face...Figuratively Speaking

Foresight Friday reading using theSupernatural Join the Hunt tarot.

Foresight Friday: Time to Punch the Devil in the Face...Figuratively Speaking 

Divination Method: Supernatural Tarot 

Card Drawn: The Empress 

Key Words: Powerful, Nurturing, Protective 

My Foresight Friday Interpretation: 

Welcome back, everyone! The world is still a great big heaping pile of chaos, but I hope things are going well for you all on a personal level. 

Last week we were called to do a little self-evaluating to see how we’re doing, and if we need to either cut our losses...or get off our asses when it comes to our current endeavors. 

This week feels like “next steps” to me. Let’s see what I mean by that (because, I literally have no idea what I’m going to it’ll be a surprise to me too! Lol). 

I’m staying with the Supernatural Join the Hunt just feels right. After a bit of a shuffle, the card that has presented itself to us is The Empress. 

In the Supernatural-verse, that is none other than Mary Winchester. Matriarch of the Winchester clan, she is an all-around badass as well as a loving mom. 

The Empress card from the Supernatural Join the Hunt tarot.

Mary’s main concern is the safety and well-being of those she loves dearly; but she also looks out for others who may need a helping hand.  

Her character exudes LOADS of Empress energy. While she is certainly a source of comfort, support, and compassion; she also will not hesitate to do whatever is necessary to protect those she deems are in her charge. 

She’s here to help us see the truth, to help us be brave while facing our struggles, to encourage us, and to remind us that we are powerful & remarkable beings. 

This card is our reminder to be kind to ourselves, and to not let our demons – whether they be in our heads or represented by someone in our lives - convince us that we are somehow unworthy or unqualified to achieve our goals. 

It’s time to get all “Mama Winchester” on The Devil of Self-Doubt, and punch him right in the face. 

Mary Winchester saying "Kind of always wanted to punch the Devil in the face."

We should also keep in mind that this protective, nurturing power isn’t just for ourselves. Spread it around should someone in need of it cross our path. 

So, in regards to last week...we've reviewed our progress and now we need to get down to business. The Devils of Self-doubt and Naysaying will do their damndest to hinder us. The Empress is here to help us stand strong knowing that we are loved and supprted.

That’s all I’ve got for this week. 

Until Next Time, Pixilators! 

Wishing You Peace, Love, & Pixie Dust  


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