Join the Artober4Kids 2021 Art Challenge


Join the Artober4Kids 2021 Art Challenge

Join the Artober4Kids 2021 Art Challenge

If you've been following me on social media (again - if you're not doing so...we need to talk) you know that I'm not only the Witchy Type, but I'm also the Artsy Type. My art is VERY sporadic, but October is a month that I choose to go absolutely bonkers with my creativity. 

I choose to pour my creative inklings into an art challenge created by a friend of mine, and I think you'll think it's pretty groovy too!

What is Artober4Kids?

Artober4Kids is an art challenge for kids of ALL AGES and ANY artistic skill level.
The idea  of this challenge is to encourage kids (of any, say...49) to get creative five days a week in order to grow their artistic skills and their confidence in their artistic works.

Why I Joined Artober4Kids:

I started doing another "tober" challenge a few years back, but I found that with a prompt for 31 days straight it was a bit overwhelming for me and I had a tendancy to get behind and/or experience "creative burn out". Inktober was starting to be less appealing for me, not only because of the strain on my brain..but also  because of problematic things that had been coming to light regarding the person heading up the  challenge.

A friend of mine approached me last year to see if my grandkids and I would be interested in this new art challenge that he and his daughter created together.

The Artober4Kids model is 5 days of prompts (Monday - Friday) followed by 2 days off. Having weekends off gives everyone's brain a rest and allows time for focusing on quality time with family & friends, or whatever else may need attention.

The challenge isn't just for ink drawings, but art made with an medium (paint, pencils, ink, photography, and digital creations) so the possibilities are limitless. So, OF COURSE I was in!

The Story Behing Artober4Kids:

Ben, the adult half of the Artober4Kids creative team, will be the first to tell you that it was inspired by the “Inktober" challenge. As a fantastic artist in the realm of ink drawing (in my humble opinion), he had participated in the challenge a couple of time over the past few years. He was looking over 2020's prompts, when his daughter expressed interest in helping him with his interpretations of the prompts. 

At first he thought that she should do her own drawings based on her own ideas...and then he had the idea to create a prompt list for her that is fun and a bit easier to interpret. 

The idea to share this “kid-friendly” list came from his daughter (aka D⭐), who thought that her friends and other people might like to join in. They put their heads together to come up with prompts based on October and Halloween (her favorite holiday), and came up with enough ideas to last through  October of 2022!

Ben says "It is our hope that this kid-oriented art challenge can grow in our community of kids, parents, teachers, and artists. The more kids participating could help our children feel more connected during this strange, “socially distanced” times we’re experiencing. Maybe this activity could help develop the next generation of artists?"

How to Join Artober4Kids:

It's SO EASY! First, be sure to follow them on social media ( Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram ). That way you can be reminded of the prompts and see all the awesome creations!

Next, just take a peek at the prompts list, create something inspired by the prompt of the day, and post a photo of it on social media. If you're posting photos of your child's artwork, no need to use their real name if you're concerned about privacy. You can always go by a nickname or their first letter. Be sure to use the hashtags #Artober4Kids or #Artober4Kids2021 so peeps can see all of the magnificence to come out of your kid's brain (and yours! lol).

Artober4Kids 2021 Prompts

My granddaughter and I had a blast doing this last year (some of her work - along with D⭐'s and one of mine are in the photo at the top of this post). It's the perfect activity to ring in the autumn season and to celebrate the lead up to Samhain (halloween for the non-witchy folks).

So get your witchlets and witchy selves involved and let's have some fun filling up our social media feeds with art!!

Until Next Time, Pixilators!

Wishing You Peace, Love, & Pixie Dust


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