Foresight Friday: Go on an Adventure of Discovery

Foresight Friday: Go on an Adventure of Discovery

Foresight Friday: Go on an Adventure of Discovery

Divination Method: Flower Magic Oracle

Card Drawn: Weigela

Key Word: Discover

My Foresight Friday Interpretation:

Last week we were called upon to show ourselves the love and respect we deserve by setting some boundaries. We should probably remember to revisit the concept from time to time, so we don’t end up feeling needlessly uncomfortable, depleted, or disrespected. Keep in mind - especially heading into this coming week - that setting boundaries does not mean putting up walls. 

And why don’t we want to build walls? Let’s find out…

This week’s reading comes from Rachel Patterson’s Flower Magic Oracle, and the card drawn was Weigela. Weigela tells us it’s time to discover some things. (Can't discover a whole heck of a lot if you're barricaded behind walls)

Rachel’s poetic Words of Wisdom from Weigela are:

“Life is a journey ready to be discovered.

What will be found, what will be uncovered?

Look inward first and then progress,

Knowledge and wisdom, you will possess.

Explore, experience, and find new things,

Keep your mind open and spread your wings.”

Weigela card from the Flower Magic Oracle

What does that mean? It means it’s time for us go on a little adventure. Whether this adventure is one comprised solely of self-discovery, or one that allows us to discover things in the world around us will - of course - vary by individual.

Regardless of the type of discovery we embark upon, it is wise to at least BEGIN with a peek deep within ourselves. By doing so we are likely to discover or rediscover something about ourselves that will give us a clue as to where we go next.

This is a time to be open to new thoughts, ideas, and experiences.

Weigela also nudges us to be open about what we learn on our journey of discovery and to give voice to it. 

In other words, we shouldn’t be afraid to speak our truth. In doing so, we’re likely to discover wisdom that we ourselves possess that we were previously unaware of. 

I mean, I’m one of those people that doesn’t think before they speak…or type. What comes out of my mouth - or ends up on a page - are as much a surprise to me as they are to everyone else. Is that an ADHD thing? No idea, but it’s who I am…so I am often saying things and then go “Oh, hey…that’s pretty frikken smart” or “Wow, that’s deep.” Lol

So, if we start speaking from the heart, who knows what we’ll discover.

Until Next Time, Pixilators!

Wishing You Peace, Love, & Pixie Dust

______ ☮💗🧚______

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