Foresight Friday: Warning! Mirage Ahead!

Foresight Friday reading using The Enchanted Map Oracle

Foresight Friday: Warning! Mirage Ahead!

Divination Method: The Enchanted Map Oracle

Card Drawn: Dry Desert, Reversed

Words of Wisdom: 

“Dig deep for inspiration and truth. Now is the time to become resilient and adaptable.”

My Foresight Friday Interpretation:

Happy Foresight Friday, Pixilators! Last week was all about listening to the wisdom of motherly advice (whomever it happened to come from) and being smart enough to not piss that person off (even if that person was our own damn self, lol). 

Let’s see what The Enchanted Map Oracle has to tell us…

Our card this week is Dry Desert in the Reversed position. Deserts are vast, seemingly barren places. They are dry, harsh, and the creatures and vegetation that live there survive and thrive by digging deep, utilizing patience, and creativity.. 

Its residents know that sustenance exists in this place; they also know that it’s usually just a matter of time and resourcefulness before they are given their much earned rewards.

There’s a flip side to this…and that’s where Dry Desert, Reversed comes in. This card represents our journey, and how it feels like we’ve been trudging through the sand…enduring the scorching heat of the sun for what feels like an eternity. And yet - cue Bono and crew - we still haven’t found what we’re looking for.

Dry Desert Card, Reversed from The Enchanted Map Oracle

We’re becoming impatient, and finding it difficult to remain optimistic about finding that which we seek. This is the time for us to find a way to remain patient, and to be cautious should something that’s too good to be true enter into view.

Why? Because Dry Desert, Reversed is here to tell us to be leery of that oasis that has miraculously appeared before us, as it is likely just a mirage. 

We can’t let ourselves be sucked into the illusion that our desires are being laid at our feet right now…because they are not.

This is the place where it FEELS like we should stop and rest and take in all the apparent goodness that’s been strewn before us; but, those who stop and drink from a dry lake just die quicker of thirst. (Wow that got dark quickly.)

So what do we do? We take a few minutes to think about things. Consider whether or not what we’ve been chasing has been a mirage all along? Are we headed in the right direction? Or…perhaps it’s simply too soon to be arriving at our destination. I mean, the heat of the desert can make our minds play tricks on us, and time is kind of a wibbly wobbly thing anyway, so perhaps our internal GPS miscalculated our route? 

Whatever the case may be there’s still waiting to be done. Let’s not fall into despair either. Just because this thing isn’t THE thing doesn’t mean that all the trudging and getting sand in our shoes was for nothing. Something frikken spectacular IS out there, and once we do reach it, it will be better than any mirage our weary brains have thought up thus far.

Until Next Time, Pixilators

Wishing You Peace, Love, & Pixie Dust

______ ☮💗🧚______

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