Pixie Book Review: Pagan Portals - Intuitive Magic Practice by Natalia Clarke

Pixie Book Review: Pagan Portals - Intuitive Magic Practice by Natalia Clarke

Pixie Book Review: Pagan Portals - Intuitive Magic Practice by Natalia Clarke | $10.95 Paperback | ISBN 978-1-78904-615-1

Hey there, Pixilators! I meant to do this review several months ago, but life and other posts and projects got in the way. Welcome to my life as an ADHD blogger & Witch, lol. Anyway, let me get to telling you about this latest book that I read. 

Why Did I Choose: Pagan Portals - Intuitive Magic Practice by Natalia Clarke? 

I received a copy of Intuitive Magic Practice by Natalia Clarke from the publisher earlier this year and I was intrigued by the title. As someone who relies on intuition a great deal in both my life and magical practice, I was very interested to see what someone else had to say about the subject.

What’s Inside Pagan Portals - Intuitive Magic Practice by Natalia Clarke?

This addition to Moon Books Publishing’s “Pagan Portals” series was published on May 1st of this year. The 120 pages within it were a very easy read, and captured my attention well enough that I managed to read it in its entirety in one day. 

I have to say that this book really resonated with me. I have lived largely by my intuition for most of my life…or I have at least tried to. For me, this simply reaffirmed that - at least as far as my own life is concerned - I am already on the right track.

I also feel that if you are someone who is floundering to find a direction for yourself - whether personally, professionally, or spiritually - that the pages of this book just might be the key to learning how to find your way.

One of my favorite quotes from the author, Natalia Clarke, occurs in the introduction. Clarke says “You are not lost; you are collecting parts of yourself that might have been hidden and resurrecting your own experience of spirit the way it has always been within you.” I don’t know about you…but this was powerful for me. It was a reminder that we are all a constant work in progress, and that sometimes when we feel like we’ve strayed from where we think we ought to be, we may simply be on a much needed detour, gaining necessary experiences that will help us achieve our goals once we make it back onto the main road.

Many times throughout the day that I read it, I found myself startling the cat with my assorted outcries of “YES!”, “Exactly!”, and “That’s what I’ve always thought!” Poor Mr. Chai was not happy with my constantly interrupting his nap, but I was feeling quite validated to know that there was someone else whom believes intuition to be an important, if not vital part of finding and living one’s Truth.

I don’t necessarily agree with everything Clarke says, but as she clearly states more than once: “take what resonates with you and leave the rest”.

Throughout the book, the author pulls from both her personal spiritual practice as well as her experience as a psychotherapist - which I believe gives her unique perspectives regarding how much our intuition and emotions factor into our lives, both mundane and magical. 

Things I’ve put into practice and/or adapted from the book:

Clarke includes exercises for “breathing the elements” that I think are very useful. This practice isn’t new to me, as it was part of my training at Sacred Mists, but I liked being reminded of it, and she presents a slight variation from how I learned it which was nice to see.

I also very much liked the section on intuitive drawing and perhaps using them in spell work. This may be something that I explore at some point.

I was also really delighted by the Full Moon Ritual she includes at the end. It is VERY simplistic and there isn’t much that’s ceremonial about it AT ALL, which is probably why it appeals to me so much. I personally find that the simpler things are often the most profound. Don’t be put off by its simplicity if you’re more of a ceremonial practitioner, as it could easily be worked into a larger and more complex ritual format.

Final Thoughts on Pagan Portals - Intuitive Magic Practice by Natalia Clarke:    

I really enjoyed this book. No strict rules and lots of explanations as to how following our intuition can lead us to full lives and fulfilling magical practices. The ideas and practices within the book could easily help someone to create their own personal practice, and could also easily be worked in to practices that are already established.  


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