Foresight Friday: Get Through This Week by Embodying the Four Cs

Foresight Friday reading using the Supernatural Join the Hunt Tarot

Foresight Friday: Get Through This Week by Embodying the Four Cs 

Divination Method: Supernatural Tarot

Card Drawn: Temperance

Key Word(s): Balance, Level Headedness, Fairness, Good Judgement

My Foresight Friday Interpretation: 

I don’t know about the rest of you, but for me this current Mercury Retrograde has been…trying. It started out great, but the last two days have taken a turn, and have been filling my days with technological glitches and frustrating commutes.

It looks like this week’s card is a reminder for us to keep our heads, and our wits, about us in the next seven days.

I went back to the Supernatural Tarot this week and the fantastic Jody Mills has graced us with her presence as the face of the Temperance card.

Jody Mills was a small town sheriff when we first met her on the show. Her life was fairly uneventful until she was unexpectedly thrown into the fray of the monster hunting life. What makes her fantastic is how she handled the sudden and terrifying turn her life took.

Temperance Card from The Supernatural Join the Hunt Tarot

She stayed level headed and calm under pressure, yet was incredibly fierce and formidable when facing her new found foes.

These are the qualities we must tap into in order to thrive and achieve some sort of balance in our lives in the coming week.

It will likely be a challenge, but if Jody can keep her shit together while fighting vampires, we can do it while dealing with bad drivers and miscommunication.

We need to embrace our inner badass, do what needs to be done, and embody the Three Cs - those would be: Cool, Calm, and Collected. Y’know what? We’re gonna throw a fourth C in there. Why? Because Jody Mills is also loaded up with Compassion, and I think we should be too. 

So to wrap it all up: Remain Cool, Calm, Collected, and Compassionate - towards both ourselves and others and we’ll have this week handled. 

Don’t believe me? You don’t have to take my word for it… just listen to Jody herself. 

"You can get through this." Jody Mills

Until Next Time, Pixilators

Wishing You Peace, Love, & Pixie Dust

______ ☮💗🧚______

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  1. Love Jodi Mills! Just wondering if the Supernatural deck is a pip deck or not... if not I will have to get it... I just really dislike theme decks that have generic pip cards. Temperance, great card for this week!

    1. It's not *entirely* a pip deck, but there are several cards within each suit that are just some bones/goblets/pentagrams/blades. I am really enjoying the deck so far thoough! It plays really well to my brain and how most messages get conveyed to me through pop culture references anyway, lol.


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