Foresight Friday: Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself

Foresight Friday tarot reading using the Supernatural Join the Hunt tarot deck

Foresight Friday: Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself

Divination Method: Supernatural Tarot

Card Drawn: King of Blades, Reversed

Key Words: Unbalanced, Aggressive, Judgmental, Irrational

My Foresight Friday Interpretation: 

Eesh, it looks like we’ve got another potentially turbulent week ahead of us folks. I can’t say that I’m surprised. Astrological shenanigans are still abounding as Mercury is still on his little vacation, (sure hope he’s having a good time *rolls eyes*) and we just had a solar eclipse (which I did not wake for, but the energy of it gave me some funky-ass dreams). So, we may be feeling a bit…out of sorts right now - something that was keenly picked up on by this week’s card.

I stayed with the Supernatural Join the Hunt tarot this week, as it seems to be pretty straight forward in its communications with me, and now is NOT the time for cryptic messages (who the hell has time for that? I certainly don’t).

So which card decided to grace us with its presence this week? Welp, it was The King of Blades in the Reversed position. Excuse me for a moment as I let out an audible “Oof!”

The King of Blades is Cain: The First Son, Father of Murder, Wielder of The First Blade, and Bearer of “The Mark”. When he was separated from The First Blade Cain was smart, powerful, cunning, calculating, experienced and feared…but, he was in control of his faculties and any actions that were taken were done with a fair amount of consideration. This would be this card in the upright position.

King of Blades, Reversed from the Supernatural Join the Hunt tarot

When the King of Blades is reversed, however, it conveys the idea of Cain in possession of the Blade. He becomes irrational, aggressive, unbalanced, and has no regard for those that get in the way of what he’s doing. He is overcome by power, rage, and bloodlust, which cloud his judgement and make him lose touch with his true self.

When I drew this card, the first thing that popped into my head was Sting’s voice singing “King of Pain”, and that is a very apt description of this card reversed.

But what does this mean for us? It means that we’re likely feeling out of sorts and may start to lash out or even be a bit judgey as a result. So this card is more of a warning for us to be mindful of our state of mind, and our behavior. 

It’s not saying that we’re not allowed to feel how we feel; it’s just a reminder to not take it out on everyone around us. If for no other reason that doing so could strain, or ruin, a beneficial relationship.

SO, how do we avoid turning this coming week into the King of All Clusterfucks, and feeling like the King of Pain? We listen to the wisdom of Ice Cube and Check Ourselves Before We Wreck Ourselves. That's really the simplest way I can put it.

Until Next Time, Pixilators

Wishing You Peace, Love, & Pixie Dust

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