Foresight Friday: You’ll Get By, With a Little Help from Your Friends

Foresight Friday reading using The Wild Unknown Tarot

Foresight Friday: You’ll Get By, With a Little Help from Your Friends

Divination Method: The Wild Unknown Tarot

Cards Drawn: Three of Swords, Six of Cups

My Foresight Friday Interpretation:

This week’s cards cards jumped out of the deck and landed at my feet - I had been shuffling for a while, and I think they grew a touch impatient and just kinda went “Ugh! For crying out loud, woman, IT’S THESE TWO!!!” lol

It looks like a bit of a mixed bag for the next week. It may not be all sunshine and roses, but there does seem to be some “good” to outweigh - or at least balance out - the “bad”. 

Our first card is the Three of Swords. 

Key Words: Betrayal, Heartbreak, Turmoil

The Three of Swords tells us that we’re in for a bit of a tough ride. Considering all of the Astrological Shenanigans that I mentioned last week, I’m not really surprised. Expect there to be some sort of emotional upheaval and confusion. Mercury being away on vacation (aka: in retrograde) means that communications are just going to be off; even people who are normally fantastic communicators may struggle with conveying their thoughts as they intend.

This card - and vacationing Mercury - indicates that now is a horrible time to make reactionary decisions. Take some time to calm down and sort through things before drawing any final conclusions. 

The card depicts three bloody swords entangled together in red ribbon - so expect to be caught up in All The Feels at some point. 

Don’t freak out though, because this isn’t our only card; as Master Yoda once said: “There is another.”

Three of Swords & Six of Cups from The Wild Unknown Tarot

Our second card is the Six of Cups

Key Words: Memories, Childhood, Joy

The Six of Cups represents our support system in this reading. It was even positioned slightly beneath the Three of Swords when the cards landed at my feet. (Gotta admit that I really appreciate my cards going the extra mile to depict their meaning in multiple ways for me…y’know, with Mercury being gone and all - they just want to make sure I didn’t miss the point. ;) )

Anywhoooo…This card’s appearance indicates that we won’t be alone, and that all things won’t be bad. Things will balance out with interactions with cherished friends or family. They’ll be our silver lining, our sunshine on a cloudy day, our dawn after our darkest - y’all catch my drift?

Reunions with peeps we haven’t seen in a while will be filled with joy, and laughter, and GOOD MEMORIES!

These people and memories are the vibrant roots that give our Soul Tree, if you will, the support, sustenance, and the means to grow stronger. And while dwelling in the past is rarely a good thing, revisiting and reminiscing with those who have shared some of our most formative experiences can be just what we need.

So, to wrap it up: Expect some turmoil, and - to paraphrase the Beatles - get by with a little help from your friends.

Until Next Time, Pixilators

Wishing You Peace, Love, & Pixie Dust

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