Foresight Friday: Be Good to Yourself, Seek Balance This Week

Foresight Friday reading using Rachel Patterson's Flower Magic Oracle

Foresight Friday: Be Good to Yourself, Seek Balance This Week

Divination Method: Flower Magic Oracle

Card Drawn: Begonia

Key Word: Balance

Words of Wisdom: 

“Seeking balance that must be found.

Shuffle, rearrange, and you are bound,

To seek and find that which you need.

Suggestions made, so do take heed.

Turnaround the chaos in your life,

Invite in harmony and release all strife.”

My Foresight Friday Interpretation:

I’ve been spending a ridiculous amount of gardening the last two weeks, so I felt drawn to use Rachel Patterson’s Flower Magic Oracle for this week’s Foresight Friday reading.

Hoooooo BOY! Does this card have some stuff to say! So let’s get down to business… 

I was shuffling the cards, shuffling them up, getting them all nice and shuffled, and the Begonia card just sort of went “bloop!” and shifted so that it was sticking out from the rest of the deck at a 90 degree angle. I’ve learned to take those not-so-subtle-hints and knew that this was our card for the week.

So what is Begonia’s deal? In a word: Balance. Yup, that ever elusive state of being that we all seem to be in constant search of, and rarely achieve (at least in my experience) is what we are called to focus on - AGAIN.

There are a whole lot of Astrological Shenanigans at play in the next seven days (and beyond) and they are the reason Balance is so freaking important right now.

We’ve got the Full Moon in Sagittarius on Wednesday, along with a full lunar eclipse, which will result in all of that Full Moon energy being super jazzed up.

The eclipse also plays to the week’s theme of Balance. It’s the Moon opposite the Sun, and it brings all of those other opposing forces in our lives to the forefront of things. This includes Relationships vs Self, Want vs Need, Work vs Home, etc...

As if that weren’t enough to keep us on our toes, we’re in the “Shadow” period of the upcoming Mercury Retrograde that begins May 29th (Check out this post for coping with that nonsense: Wayback Wednesday: Easing the Sting of Mercury Retrograde). This means that we need to pay extra attention to how we communicate with others - or how we react to what others are trying to communicate to us.

Begonia’s appearance is a Head’s Up from The Universe. It is calling us to take a look at our lives and how things balance out. If they seem quite heavy in some areas and light in others, we need to ask ourselves why that is and figure out what we can do to get things on a more even keel.

We just may feel like we’re walking a high wire…or like we’re caught in a crossfire, but if we’re good to ourselves and sort things out before we run out of self-control and into an overload, we’ll come out of this with a little peace of mind.

And, now that I’ve totally ripped off their wisdom to make my point, I’ll leave you with this video from 80’s rock legends: Journey.

Until Next Time, Pixilators
Wishing You Peace, Love, & Pixie Dust

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