Foresight Friday: Hug a Tree, Celebrate Beltane, & Connect with All The Things!

Forsight Friday reading using the Secret Language of Animals Oracle

Foresight Friday: Hug a Tree, Celebrate Beltane, & Connect with All The Things! 

Divination Method: The Secret Language of Animals Oracle Cards

Card Drawn: Wood

Key Words: Growth, Connection, Support, Renewal


I carry the wisdom of my ancestors.

I bring forth the freshness of new life.

I am the seed and the harvest.

I am balance and abundance. I am the Tree of Life.

My Foresight Friday Interpretation: 

Last week we were called to step back for a moment to clear our minds and shake the cobwebs out so that we’d be able to adequately focus on what comes next.

This week, we get to ease into the Beltane season by tuning into the energies of wood.

This card being drawn this week makes perfect sense to me. Beltane is a time of springtime, creation, growth, and connection; all of which are also greatly associated with the very origins of wood: Trees.

Trees grow in the earth, transform the air, drink and bathe in the water that rains down on them, and they fuel fire. Wood is not only connected to all four “traditional” elements, it is actually its own element in Eastern Philosophy. 

The Wood card from the Secret Language of Animals Oracle

Trees represent the cycle of life, death, and rebirth, and in my mind: survival. They connect and communicate with their Tree-kin below the soil, and the rest of the world above it.

They provide homes and food and shade. They are strong, flexible, and resilient. Even a felled tree serves a purpose as it can either become a source of warmth as firewood, or a source of nutrients for the very soil it once grew in, as it decomposes.

These are all the traits, and qualities we are called to connect with and learn from this week. By spending time in nature, either surrounded by trees, or with one special tree, we can deepen our understanding of their place - and ours - in the Universe. 

We should be sure to acknowledge the gifts that wood and trees have bestowed upon us and the world at large. Perhaps we should even try to find a way to say thank you.

So, walk among the trees, sit under a tree, hug a tree, hell - emulate the Lorax and speak for the trees. Just make a concerted effort to commune with them in some way, and listen to what they have to say.

I hope you’re all blessed with a Bright & Bountiful Beltane season.

Until Next Time, Pixilators

Wishing You Peace, Love, & Pixie Dust

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