Foresight Friday: Gain Perspective, Be the Warrior, Show Compassion

Foresight Friday reading using the Threads of Fate Oracle

Foresight Friday: Gain Perspective, Be the Warrior, Show Compassion

Divination Method: Threads of Fate Oracle

Card(s) Drawn: Higher Perspective, the Warrior, Compassion

Element: Air, Ether, Water

Animal: Hawk, N/A, Deer

Herb: Pine, N/A, Bleeding Heart

Crystal: Apophyllite, N/A, Pink Calcite

My Foresight Friday Interpretation:

It was not my intention to pull three cards this week. The Universe, however, seemed to have a different plan and these three cards went flinging out of the deck while I was shuffling, and landed in a row face down on the floor. I couldn’t do that on purpose no matter how many times I tried sooooo three cards it is!

Our first card is the Higher Perspective Card. The Hawk is associated with this card for good reason, as it tells us that we need to back up from a situation and survey it from a distance in order to gain much needed perspective. 

Rising above the drama and confusion like a towering Pine, and connecting with the Universal Consciousness will help us find out how to adapt to the situation.

Higher Perspective, The Warrior, & Compassion cards from the Threads of Fate Oracle

Our second card is The Warrior. The Warrior is a card of action. It tells us that there are people or situations that need to be addressed. But first, weneed to learn which Warrior we're dealing with.

A Warrior that is in balance will fight for positive change…and might do so in ways that will cause the occasional raised eyebrow. They are strong, and do not fear the opposition (at least not enough to sway their actions). They gather and inspire those who can help them win the battle at hand.

A Warrior that is out of balance may lash out with unnecessary aggression. The unbalanced Warrior is not focused enough to adequately pick their battles, and often make mountains out of mole hills. They also tend to push much needed help away, and are too caught up in the moment to seize opportunities when they arise.

It is our job to figure out which Warrior we are at the moment, and adjust accordingly (stepping back, as we’re told to do by our first card will help with this).

Lastly, we have the Compassion card. This is reminding us that no matter what battles we face this week - whether with others or within ourselves - we must do so with compassion. Just because we're battling with someone doen't mean we have to destroy them in the process.

We are all products of our environments and experiences, and that means that sometimes even the best among us behaves in a way we don’t like or approve of. Shaming and destruction don’t do anyone any good, including the one that does the shaming and destroying. 

Now (and always really) is the time to be kind, and empathetic. Trying to understand why someone is behaving a certain way can help us move forward. This doesn’t mean that we should put our own pain on the back burner, by all means: process that shit. But, perhaps take the pain of others into account when deciding how to deal with those who have inflicted injury upon us.

We may want to find common ground and negotiate a truce. Alternately, it may be time to stick up for ourselves and our compatriots by kicking our oppressors to the curb.

Whatever the ultimate outcome is, we need to ask ourselves how we can be more compassionate in our daily lives. We should also asses if we have built walls that no longer serve to protect us…but have now morphed into walls that isolate us. If so, we must actively work to break them down, so that our compassion and empathy can truly blossom.

To sum all of that up, our goals for the coming week are: Gain Perspective, Fight for What Matters (Like the badasses we are), and do so with as much Compassion as possible.

Until Next Time, Pixilators

Wishing You Peace, Love, & Pixie Dust

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