Foresight Friday: Scream into The Void, but Don’t Run Away

Foresight Friday Divination Reading Using the Threads of Fate Oracle

Foresight Friday: Scream into The Void, but Don’t Run Away

Divination Method: Threads of Fate Oracle

Card(s) Drawn: The Void

Element: Ether

My Foresight Friday Interpretation:

The last couple weeks have had us focusing on a lot of “me time”. This week is, as my kid used to say, is exactly the same…but different.

We’ve been called to quietly observe, followed by being prodded to go within; next is more of the same…but, we’re going to feel…uncomfortable.

The Threads of Fate have thrown us into The Void. It is emptiness, blankness, and nothingness.

The Void is the place we go when things have not gone as planned…or our beliefs have been challenged.

I equate it to the Crone’s Cauldron, which represents both the beginning and the end of all things.

This is the place where we let go of old thoughts and images of ourselves and how we thought our lives would be at this juncture. 

The Void Card from the Threads of Fate Oracle.

This is the place where we discover things, and where new ideas are born.

It’s not the most fun place to spend time. It is dark, and empty, and uncomfortable. 

So, we have to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. Why? Because, The Void is one of those “between places” where things are created out of this vast nothingness.

We may feel like we need to escape, or “push through” to the other side. Fight that urge and remain still. Use the skills of observation from our time emulating the Snow Leopard, and look to see why we need to be here.

If we give in to the fear and leave The Void before we learn what we need to, we will end up being sucked back in sooner than we would be otherwise. So scream into it all you want, just stay put; don't run away.

We cannot give in to the feeling that we must fill the emptiness either. Filling the emptiness arbitrarily defeats its purpose. We are here because we need to purge our spiritual toxins and nourish our souls.

If we fill The Void for the sake of filling it, it’s akin to stuffing our faces full of junk food every time we’re hungry. Sure, we’ll feel full, but we won’t receive the nutrients our bodies require to be strong and healthy. We must let that which is meant to nourish our spirits come to us.

We must ride the waves of discomfort past what we think we want in order to crash upon the shores of that which we need.

You know what that means don’t you?

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