Pixie Book Review: The Elemenpals: Meet the 'Pals by Debi Gregory


Pixie Book Review: The Elemenpals: Meet the 'Pals by Debi Gregory ISBN 978-1-7890-4525-3

Pixie Book Review:  The Elemenpals: Meet the ‘Pals by Debi Gregory.     

Moon Books Publishing Feb. 1, 2021 | $9.95 Paperback | ISBN 978-1-78904-525-3 

It’s time for another Pixie Book Review! This time around I decided to review a children’s book. Not just ANY children’s book, a new book geared towards pagan littles! The name of the book - which you can guess if you’ve read the post title - is ‘The Elemenpals: Meet the ‘Pals!’ By Debi Gregory and published by Moon Books.

Why Did I Choose The Elemenpals: Meet the ‘Pals! by Debi Gregory? 

There aren’t a lot of books out there for pagan children - or for those kiddos who are lucky enough to have very open minded parents who wish for them to learn a little bit of everything. 

So, when I received an advanced copy from the publisher, I was excited to check it out! I mean, I may be done raising kids, but I do have grandkids, as well as many friends and followers with children who may be looking for something new.

What’s Inside The Elemenpals: Meet the ‘Pals! by Debi Gregory?

The paperback edition of this book has 40 pages that introduce us to the Elemenpals; five young elemental beings whom are being taught by Mother Earth in preparation for their future work of caring for her and her children when they become fully grown elementals.

These five adorable ‘Pals are: Celyn the Earth Imp, Gwynt the Air Imp, Tanwen the Fire Sprite, Dylan the Water Sprite, and Menme the Spirit Imp.

Pixie Book Review: The Elemenpals: Meet the 'Pals by Debi Gregory
The story gives the reader a peek into a typical day of their new little friends, as well as a
brief introduction to each of them including some of their favorite things.

The book is filled with adorable illustrations by Adam Greenwood that have intentionally been left as simple line drawings to encourage and inspire little ones to color them in on their own. This allows them to complete the images as they see the characters in their own imaginations. 

Other characters that the reader meets include Sister Moon, Brother Sun, Sister River, and Brother Oak.

It is a fairly simple, well-paced tale that is easy to read to babies, toddlers, & preschoolers. It will be good for the beginner, as there’s room for learning in the vocabulary without being words they’ve never heard before.

As for age group, I’d say that for self-readers this is likely to top out around age 9.

Final Thoughts on The Elemenpals: Meet the ‘Pals by Debi Gregory?

I thought this book was absolutely charming. The characters are adorable and they are likely to spark interest in wee witchlets. So many pagan-centric children’s books revolve around the Wiccan sabbats or inserting pagan objects into an alphabet book, that I found this was a breath of fresh air. It’s a wonderful way to introduce children to the concept and nature of the elements that are used in pagan/witchy/Wiccan practices.

I really hope this is just the beginning of the world of the Elemenpals. There is so much potential for fun while building a firm spiritual foundation for our pagan kiddos.


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Pixie Book Review: The Elemenpals: Meet the 'Pals by Debi Gregory  Moon Books Publishing - February 1, 2021 | $9.95 USD Paperback | ISBN 978-1-780-4525-3

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