Foresight Friday: Don’t Seek the Snow Leopard, BE the Snow Leopard


Foresight Friday reading using The Secret Language of Animals Oracle cards

Foresight Friday: Don’t Seek the Snow Leopard, BE the Snow Leopard

Divination Method: The Secret Language of Animals Oracle Cards

Card(s) Drawn: Snow Leopard

Key Words: Mystery, Agility, Belief, Sensitivity


“I am present to the great possibilities around and within me..

When I move, I move in harmony with the pure magic of life.”

My Foresight Friday Interpretation: 

Last week was all about chilling out, looking within, and listening to our intuition in order to find answers. This week is still pretty chill, but it’s time to pay attention to what’s going on around us. 

I dug out my old friend the Secret Language of Animals Oracle, and drew Snow Leopard.

Snow Leopards aren’t like most other big cats. They are more active overnight, and would
rather be off on their own than running with the crowd. They’re also rather passive, avoiding confrontations with other predators - unless their families are threatened.

They spend much of their time on their own, wandering the rocky road less traveled, staying out of sight and silently observing all that is going on around them.

So what does all that mean for us? It means we should lay low and do our own thing, but be prepared to pounce if an opportunity we’ve been waiting for should present itself.

Snow Leopard is representative of patience, stillness, observation, and balance - which suggests that this could be a good week for us to meditate - or to do whatever passes for meditation in our respective worlds.

Delve into the mystery of the world around us with the belief that we will learn what we need to - even if all we learn is that sometimes you just have to sit and watch.

So here’s the part where I throw out ALL the pop culture references. To sum up Go Your Own Way, Take the Road Less Traveled, Enjoy the Silence, Don’t Stop Believing…and Be the Ball - or, well the Snow Leopard.

Until Next Time, Pixilators!

Wishing You Peace, Love, & Pixie Dust


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