Foresight Friday: Athena Says to Use The Force...or Something Like That

Foresight Friday Reading Using Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards

Foresight Friday: Athena Says to Use The Force...or Something Like That

Divination Method: The Goddess Guidance Oracle

Card Drawn: Athena

Key Word(s): Inner Wisdom

Basic Message: “You know what to do. Trust your inner wisdom, and take appropriate action without delay.”

My Foresight Friday Interpretation: 

Hopefully everyone had a chance to focus on a little bit of playtime last week. I spent lots of time killing green piggies in various versions of Angry Birds, along with a whole hell of a lot of car dancing. But, now it's time to look ahead...

Between yesterday's New Moon and the current Mercury Retrograde, going within for answers makes perfect sense for the next seven days. 

Everything we need to know right now...everything the Universe has been trying to tell us...and all the tools we need to get the job done are already in our posession. 

This is the time for us to trust in ourselves and our feelings - aaand now I'm hearing Obi-
Wan in my head telling me to search my feelings, lol. Although, Athena is our Obi-Wan this week. She is a wise, cunning, and resourceful Badass, and she wants us to get it through our thick skulls that we are too!
Goddess Guidance Oracle's Athena Card

So, if we take some time to quiet our minds and pay attention to recurring themes or ideas, our intuition, and other signs that may present themselves during this time; we have a much better shot at accomplishing whatever it is we need to accomplish.

There are many similar cliches that fit here: "Listen to your heart", "Follow your heart", "Trust your gut", "Trust your instincts", "Search your feelings", "Use the Force" (Ok, maybe not that last one...but, I could definitely make an argument for its use in this sitch, and I'm pretty sure Athena would agree with me). All of these largely over used catch phrases are aptly summing up what we need to do. So just make the week go a lot more smoothly by taking them to heart.

I'm going to leave you with a quote from Goethe:

As soon as you trust yourself you will know how to live. Goethe

Until Next Time, Pixilators
Wishing You Peace, Love, & Pixie Dust


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