Pixie Product Review: Sacred Mists Incense


Review of Sacred Mists' new line of hand crafted premium incense sticks

Pixie Product Review: Sacred Mists Incense

As a witch, incense is one of those things that people expect to find amongst our vast array of witchy supplies because it helps to set the stage, on various levels, for one's spiritual and/or magical endeavors. 

The metaphysical properties of the scents themselves can help to set desired intentions and help to cleanse/clear negative energies; they can also help us to focus our minds on our purpose. The smoke itself sets the atmosphere, and can even be used as a divination tool.

Other than all of that, it just makes the house smell delightful! I recently discovered that my own incense stores were running low, so I went in search of some new ones to try.

Why Did I Choose Sacred Mists Incense?

I've been a customer of Sacred Mists Shoppe for roughly 16 years. It is a small business owned by a lovely woman whom I was fortunate enough to become friends with while I was a part of the online Wicca studies program at Sacred Mists Academy (Then called The College of The Sacred Mists). Lorien has always been very passionate about providing quality products in her shop, so when I heard she had created her own line of incense, I had to give it a try.

Which Sacred Mists Incense Scents Did I Try?

I purchased 7 of the 40 available scents. At the time of purchase Yule was approaching, so I thought it was an appropriate choice. I also chose Third Eye, Witchcraft, and 4 of the elemental scents.

The first scent I burned was Yule. 

Sacred Mists Yule Incense

As I mentioned above, Yule was on the horizon and I was hoping it would help me get in the mood to decorate, and it really did the trick! 

Description from their website: "Our Yule incense sticks are handcrafted with crisp bayberry and snow-laden evergreens, invoking the joy and beauty of the Winter Solstice. It's a perfect scent for the season that is celebrated during this point on the Wheel of the Year."

The Evergreen scent was what my home was missing (since we have an artificial tree); while the addition of Bayberry keeps it from being overwhelmingly "piney", and adds a light sweetness. I was delighted that the stick burned for a full hour.

Next up was Third Eye.

Sacred Mists Third Eye Incense

I figured it might help get my mind in the right place for pulling cards for Foresight Friday.

Description from their website: "Our Third Eye Incense is handcrafted with heliotrope and dark attars. It is a perfect incense for opening your psychic centers, gaining insight, manifesting clarity during tarot and other divination sessions, as well as for burning during rituals and spells."  

The smell of this is that of a soft, fluffy purple cloud (Yes, I said it smells like a purple cloud. Deal with it, lol). It's sweet & floral without being overly "perfumey". This stick also burned for an hour.

On to the Elements, Jeeves! (just roll with it, people)

I thought these four would be good to have on hand should I wish to call upon the properties associated with each of these elements. The thought also occured to me that it could be cool to use them at the four quarters, in lieu of candles, while performing an outdoor ritual.

Earth was up first.

Sacred Mists Earth Incense

Description from their website: "Our Earth incense is blended with the essence of oakmoss
and tonka bean evoking the strong, grounding, elemental energies of Earth. It's also a perfect scent for use in rituals and spells."

The Earth incense manages to be earthy and mossy without smelling like...well...dirt. It smells like you're sitting in a soft patch of moss beneath the canopy of a lush forest. I love it!

Air was up second.

Sacred Mists Air Incense

Description from their website: "Our Air incense is blended with the essence of Japanese yuzu and cedar with an aroma that evokes breezy, elemental air energies. It's also a perfect scent for use in rituals and spells."

This smells like walking through a clothsline that has freshly washed sheets drying in the sun on a breezy spring day. Seriously! It brought back strong memories of standing in our back yard with my face stuffed in the bed linens and breathing in that oddly intoxicating and comforting scent. If you are an oddboll clean sheet sniffer, like me, you'll love this. lol

It's Fire Time!

Sacred Mists Fire Incense

Description from their website: "Our Fire incense sticks are blended with Ceylon cinnamon

and Heartwoods, invoking a sense of warmth, strength, and passion of purpose. It's also a perfect scent for use in rituals and spells."

Cinnamon is one of my favorite scents, and this incense delivers the spiciness you'd expect, but is tempered by the inclusion of the heartwoods. This is nice, because it doesn't smack you in the face like when you walk past those bins full of cinnamon pine cones that appear in every store imaginable right before the winter holidays. This is not assault by cinnamon...it's a hug.

Water is our last Elemental incense.

Sacred Mists Water Incense

Description from their website: "Our Water Incense is blended with the essence of ocean surf and seagrass invoking a day at the beach surrounded by sand, seawater, and the sound of crashing waves. It is a perfect incense for use to aid in connecting with goddess energy, spiritual cleansing, provide a sense of calm, manifesting change in your life, as well as burning during rituals and spells."

This is my least favorite of the bunch. While I definitely get a Water vibe from the scent, it's more of a Bath Time scent than a Beach Time scent, in my opinion. It's a bit more perfumey than I enjoy, and smells a bit like a bowl of fancy soaps. But, that's just this Pixie's opinion, others have adored it - you might too.

The last scent I chose to try out was Witchcraft.

Sacred Mists Witchcraft Incense

I mean, why wouldn't I??? 

Description from their website: "Our Witchcraft Incense handcrafted with Zanzibar spices and sweet vanilla sugar. It is a perfect incense for use during divination work, meditation, before and during rituals, and during spell work."

This one has a mystical quality to it. It's subtle, yet fills the room with it's dark, sweet, & spicy aroma. It really is a great all-purpose witchy scent to have burning when you're doing witchy work, or if you just want to up your witchy vibe for a while.

What You Should Know About Sacred Mists Incense:

- Handmade & Witch Crafted

- Made with Premium Quality Ingredients

- 40 Unique Scents for a Variety of Intentions

- 10 Incense Sticks per Re-sealable Pack

- Sells for $5.95 per Pack (as of this writing, please check their website for current pricing information)

- Burn Time is 1 hour per Stick

Final Thoughts on Sacred Mists Incense:

I have to say that I was very impressed with these. My nose is kind of particular, so the fact that there was only 1 out of 7 that I wasn't super crazy about is pretty remarkable.

I love that these incense sticks are hand crafted BY a practicing witch who focuses on the intention of each scent as she's creating them. I think that in and of itself will add another layer of Oomph to any magical workings they are used in.

Having a resealable package is nice. No sticks flying out of bags when I grab it from its storage place (I've had this happen before).

While the $5.95 price tag for 10 sticks is a higher unit price than most commercially manufactured sticks, I think they're worth the splurge. Each pack has 10 hrs of burning time within it, and they were all carefully crafted - by hand - by a female small business owner and practicing witch! Supporting small businesses - especially women owned businesses - is very important to me.

So, while I still have 33 other scents to try, I have seen - or...smelled - enough to give the line 2 enthusiastic Pixie Thumbs Up!  

Sacred Mists Incense is available for purchase on the Sacred Mists Shoppe website.

Until Next Time, Pixilators!

Wishing You Peace, Love, & Pixie Dust.


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