Foresight Friday: Sever the Ties that Hold You Back, Not the Ties That Bind

Oracle Card Reading using Flower Magic Oracle Cards by Rachel Patterson

Foresight Friday: Sever the Ties that Hold You Back, Not the Ties That Bind

Divination Method: Flower Magic Oracle

Card Drawn: Saxifrage

Key Word: Separation

Words of Wisdom:

“Separate yourself now and make the break.

See life on the other side, as if newly awake.

Make a clean cut, slice it open wide,

Time to put yourself first, feelings aside.

New freedoms await, old habits must die,

Enough time spent on giving it one last try.”

My Foresight Friday Interpretation:

Today’s card is Saxifrage. This beautiful five-petalled flower is used in magic for breaking bad habits and destructive patterns and also for protection.

So what does that mean for this reading? Well…remember that thing that we were supposed to let die from my Samhain reading? This is our not-so-subtle reminder that it’s time to let that shit go…now.

Whatever bad habit, cycle, or unhealthy relationship we’ve been clinging to: Kick it to the curb!

Saxifrage Card from the Flower Magic Oracle by Rachel PattersonNo need to feel ashamed for holding on to it for so long. That’s irrelevant. The break must however be made.

Rip the bandage off swiftly or slow…but, either way, get to ripping that sucker off.

I can’t guarantee a smooth transition, but I suggest taking a gander at the woman on the card, and trying to emulate her. I mean, LOOK AT HER. There she is sword in hand and a look of fierce determination on her face. She knows it’s time to cut herself loose from something that’s had a hold of her for far too long and she is not about to let anyone stop her. We shouldn’t either.

The flip side of this you really won’t want to hear…and I don’t want to type it, but…here we are. The key word here is separation. Yes, it’s a sign that we need to take care of whatever it is we need to take care of - but it’s also speaking to the bigger picture.

We’re all aware that the world is a bit mad at present; unfortunately, I see this card as a sign that a very secluded winter is ahead of us. As Covid-19 numbers continue to rise, even in places where it was previously thought to be under control, separation is all that comes to mind. While we may have to be apart from one another for the sake of the health and wellbeing of ourselves and those we love - it doesn’t mean we have to be completely isolated.

2020 has been rough, but it’s taught us new ways of connecting with our loved ones. Continue to reach out in any way you can. Zoom, Facetime, texts - hell, go retro and write a frikken letter! Just make an effort to maintain the lines of communication and keep the connections that truly matter.

Until Next Time, Pixilators!

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