Foresight Friday: Take a Step Back in Order to Move Forward


Card Reading using the Sacred Circle Tarot

Foresight Friday: Take a Step Back in Order to Move Forward

Divination Method: The Sacred Circle Tarot

Card(s) Drawn: 6 of Swords

Key Word(s): Solace

My Foresight Friday Interpretation:

I haven’t dragged out my Tarot deck in AGES, but today I felt the call from my old friend The Sacred Circle Tarot; and I’ve got to say, it didn’t disappoint me! Most folks are a little apprehensive when swords show up in a reading. I can’t say that I blame them, as it often means a harsh reality or circumstance is being brought to light. The 6 of Swords isn’t a card we should cringe away from though.This card depicts 6 swords soaring above a bright, serene, and lush landscape. A calm body of water is in the lower right corner of the card, which progresses upward through the cover of the green woodland. A butterfly can be spotted in the upper right corner…moving through a bright blue sky.
S of Swords Card from the Sacred Circle Tarot

Six, numerologically speaking, represents harmony, nurturing, and idealism. The water represents our emotions, the woodland area represents growth, and our old friend the butterfly is all about change and transformation.

What does this all mean for us? Well, it means that things are settling down & moving forward - if we play our cards right, the positive growth and change we seek awaits.

So, how exactly do we play the hand we’re dealt for next week? By being mindful of our thoughts, and removing ourselves from our worries…either by literally getting away for bit, or by taking a mental step back from them to gain new insight and perspective.

With Mercury going retrograde for the last time this year on the 14th, The Cosmos seems to be in agreement about this being a time for stepping back to reflect. Yeah, yeah, I know; it’s not our favorite cosmic event to experience, but being mindful, introspective, and reflective are key to getting through it relatively unscathed. (For more tips and ideas on how to survive a Mercury Retrograde cycle, be sure to read Wayback Wednesday: Easing the Sting of Mercury Retrograde)

It’s time to steel our minds against negative thoughts, time to cut through the bullshit (being doled out by others…or ourselves), and time to slice away the things, activities, and people that impede our growth.

Until Next Time, Pixilators!

Wishing You Peace, Love, & Pixie Dust


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