Foresight Friday Samhain Edition: What Must Die, How to Let it Go, and What Will Be Reborn


Samhain Oracle Card Reading using Enchanted Map Oracle

Foresight Friday Samhain Edition: What Must Die, How to Let it Go, and What Will Be Reborn

Divination Method: The Enchanted Map Oracle

First Card Drawn: Golden Palace, Reversed
Words of Wisdom: “There is always enough.”

Second Card Drawn: Encouragement, Reversed
Words of Wisdom: “You are receiving a nudge in the right direction.”

Third Card Drawn: Movement, Reversed
Words of Wisdom: “You are in a time of positive forward motion.”

My Foresight Friday Interpretation:

With Samhain being this Saturday I thought I’d do a Samhain themed spread. This time of Death and Transformation teaches us that it is necessary to let go of things in order to transform them into something new. This 3 card spread reflects these concepts and will tell us the following in regards to this Samhain Season:

 What Must Die | How to Let it Go | What Will Be Reborn

I have to say, I found it a bit odd that all three cards were reversed. This rarely happens for me, but…after I took a gander at the full spread, I think it makes sense. Now, let’s get started.


Golden Palace, Encoragement, & Movement Cards, Reversed

What We Must Let Die This Samhain:

Our first card is The Golden Palace, reversed. This card is all about wealth, success, and prosperity. Whether that success is monetary, in relationships, or in our endeavors depends on the reading.

In the reversed position it tells us that we’ve been worried about security in these matters and as a result, have been holding on to things a bit too tight. It’s time to stop that.

This card tells us that there will be enough; there is no need for panic buying, or being miserly with our money or our affection. If we just keep plugging along…chopping the wood and carrying the water, we will have all that we require.

It is time for the fear and anxiety in this regard to die. We must drop it in the Cauldron of the Crone so that it can begin its transformation into a new aspect of our lives.  

How We Let it Go:

Our second card is Encouragement, reversed. So, what exactly do we need to help us let go of the behaviors that have been causing us to hold on to All The Things? In a word: Humility.

It looks like we’ve been hiding behind a whole mess of false bravado, and have not listened to our intuition as often as we should have been. We have let our brains take the reins more than our guts…and it hasn’t really worked out as well as we thought it would, lol.

If we get back to trusting the Universe, and let our intuition guide us, we can get back on track. We don’t have to do everything ourselves. The Universe, and our friends and family have our backs. We just have to ask for the help we need.


What Will Be Reborn from This Death?

Our third and final card is Movement, reversed. The good news is that things that have been stagnant because of all that crap we were holding on to will start moving again. The part you don’t want to hear (I refuse to call it bad news…just because we won’t like it doesn’t mean it’s bad) we may have to take a walk down a stretch of road we’ve already travelled…and it might take us back a few steps.

Sometimes we have to revisit some things from the past in order to be able to move forward. This could be a lesson we haven’t quite learned yet - or one that we’ve been refusing to even acknowledge exists. This is our opportunity to take a step back and refocus.

I’m looking at it as the Universe giving us a second chance to get with the program before we get that Cosmic Frying Pan upside our heads.


To Sum it All Up:

What Must Die: Fear, Anxiety, Controlling Behaviors

How We Let it Go: Trust Our Intuition & the Universe, Ask for Help When Needed

What Will Be Reborn: Opportunity, Second Chances, and eventually, Forward Movement toward Our Goals


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