Pixie Book Review: Curative Magic by Rachel Patterson

Pixie Book Review: Curative Magic by Rachel Patterson

Pixie Book Review: Curative Magic by Rachel Patterson    
Llewellyn - August 8, 2020 | $21.99 USD Paperback | ISBN 978-0-7387-6328-6

It’s FINALLY here, Peeps! I’ve done the reading, and tested a couple recipes, and now you lucky devils get to read my thoughts and ramblings about it all. Are you excited? You should totally be excited. I did have to adapt the recipes - because I can’t do gluten and try to eat a ketogenic diet - but, I was careful to keep their curative integrity intact.
Now, let’s get this show on the road - or Path - shall we?

Why Did I Buy Curative Magic by Rachel Patterson?

When I first saw Rachel start posting about working on this book, I became quite excited. It sounded like something that would be very much up my alley!

You see, this Kitchen/Herb Witch has always been obsessed with the magical and medicinal uses of food and herbs. In my own practice, I’ve found that the two are often intertwined, and to have a book that was dedicated to blending them for the use of a Witch’s self-care and healing…well, that sounded bloody fantastic!

What’s Inside Curative Magic by Rachel Patterson?

This beautiful 408 page book (396 of actual content) has a tagline on the cover that reads “A Witch’s Guide to Self Discovery, Care & Healing”; and that is, indeed a very apt description. Within its pages, Mrs. Patterson guides the reader through the basics of using Magic & Witchcraft as part of your everyday self-care routine.

Baking Cheese & Rosemary Muffins from Curative Magic by Rachel Patterson
She is easy to follow, and a true guide. She opens the reader’s eyes to the magical tools that are available to deal with a multitude of concerns, without saying that “this is the exact and only way such-and-such should be implemented”. The only time she gives exact measurements is for her wonderful array of Magical Food recipes.

She is very clear in the first chapter involving how to use the book that she makes no promises to have all of the answers or to provide the reader with quick fixes for their problems. 

I find it refreshing when someone is upfront about what they can and cannot do for you. Far too many folks out there, especially in the self-help arena, peddle their wares as a “miracle cure” and guarantee things they cannot possibly guarantee.

The tools in this book are based on the author’s own experience, and she recognizes that her way might not be the reader’s way…but, she’s still willing to offer assistance.

She says early on “I can present to you different options and ways to overcome some of the issues that most people have to deal with at some point.” And that she does. This book has sections dedicated to 13 different conditions including Anxiety, Depression, Grief, Self-Esteem, Sleep Issues, & Menses and Menopause just to name a few.

For each of these 13 conditions, Rachel provides: An Affirmation, Colour Magic (Not a typo, the author is from the UK), Herbs, Foods (including a recipe), Herbal Teas, Incense & Oils, Everyday Exercise, Crystals, a Meditation, a Spell, a Ritual, and a Magic Bundle.

The rituals, spells, and affirmations are all fully fleshed out. Perfect for the beginner Witch who may not be comfortable or familiar with writing quarter calls, or how to cast a circle. However, she realizes that some of us have been around the Witch Block a time or two, and tells us to feel free to personalize things as we see fit.

There are also sections involving the Magical Pantry, Bath & Body Care, Guides for Plants, Animals, & Gods, Chakra Health, Turning to Nature, and Finding & Holding Your Focus.

It’s a well rounded reference that covers a bit of everything that most folks struggle with at one time or another. Rachel is also very clear in stating that absolutely none of this acts as a substitute for proper medical care - be it physical or mental.

Things I’ve put into practice and/or adapted from the book:

Cloves, Cinnamon, & Chocolate Cookies from Curative Magic by Rachel Patterson
So far I’ve adapted 2 recipes from Curative Magic. If it weren’t for my incredibly inconvenient gluten intolerance, the only conversions I’d have to do would be some of the measurements. She does go through the trouble of converting cooking temps, as well as grams to ounces…but, if you work in cups, you’ll have to look that up. Some may also have to look up an equivalent American ingredient here and there. Luckily, I’ve lived my life obsessed with BBC television, including cooking shows - so this isn’t an issue for me.

I have occasional issues with Anxiety and Depression, so those are the 2 recipes I chose to delve into first…for research (and...They sounded delicious, lol).

From the Anxiety chapter I chose to recreate Rachel’s Cloves, Cinnamon, & Chocolate Cookies recipe (page 58). I used almond flour and added some xanthan gum. They turned out pretty well!

Partaking of these lovely little morsels feels like a hug in cookie form. The scent is warm and comforting, the taste & texture - satisfying. The earthiness of the cloves and cinnamon balance nicely with the sweetness of the chocolate chips and raisins (I didn’t have sultanas - golden raisins - on hand).

Cheese & Rosemary Muffins from Curative Magic by Rachel Patterson
From the Depression chapter we are blessed with a recipe for Cheese & Rosemary Muffins (page 92). Again, I used almond flour, and I also used butter in place of margarine. The only thing I will change next time around is adding a smidge of coconut flour to help absorb the butter and give them a slightly softer texture (which would be done by all purpose flour in the original recipe). 

Their aroma is simply DIVINE. The brightness provided by the rosemary and mustard (I used Dijon) are wonderful, and…well…CHEESE (I used sharp cheddar)! They certainly lifted the spirits of this food-motivated Pixie, and - as I suffer from Seasonal Affectedness Disorder - they will become a staple in my house throughout the dark half of the year.

Final Thoughts on Curative Magic by Rachel Patterson:

I truly enjoyed this book. I believe it would be a great resource for everyone from the newbie to the experienced Witch. We Healers often forget that we’re no good to anyone else unless we deal with our own shit; Curative Magic is a book that not only reminds us of that, but it also gives us the tools to do so.

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Curative Magic is also Available for Purchase Via:

Llewellyn | Amazon US | Amazon UK | Amazon CA | Barnes & Noble

(Be sure to check your local book shops as well!)

Pixie Book Review: Curative Magic by Rachel Patterson
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