Foresight Friday: Tell The Universe What You Want!

TheEnchanted Map Oracle Deck, Crystals, & Pagan Prayer Beads

Foresight Friday: Tell The Universe What You Want!

Divination Method: The Enchanted Map Oracle

Card(s) Drawn: Intention

Key Word(s): Intent, Clarity, Synchronicity

Words of Wisdom:

 “Deliberate, clear intentions have the power to change your world.”

My Foresight Friday Interpretation:

The message for the coming week is pretty straight forward. It’s time for us to be clear about what we need and want and to put it out into the Universe.

Just imagine that The Universe is the Spice Girls. Tell it what you want, what you really, really want!

Light a candle, say a prayer, write it in a journal, perform a spell, wish on a star, just project that out into the ether and let all of that ordered chaos do its thang!

Getting what we want doesn’t mean we have to do all of the work ourselves, either. Be on the lookout for other peep’s intentions

Intention Card from The Enchanted Map Oracle Card Deck
flying through the air and there just might be a way to help each other out!

I mean, a simple scenario that depicts this is saying you need a new career…you shout that shit from the rooftops (or start looking at job websites - same thing, lol). The flip side of that being that somewhere there’s an employer looking for an eager beaver who is passionate about the type of job they need filled.

Granted, that’s the simplest example I can think of, but just be on the lookout for people offering up things we need, and see if there is something we can offer up as well (perhaps to someone completely different, because this Universe we are living in weaves an intricate web, and the fact that we can’t always see what connects where makes no difference).

Trust and know that the connections we require are made…or are in the weaving process. We must open ourselves to these synchronicities or they will pass us by.

Take a look at the card image for a moment; it just begs us to make things happen…but wisely! A giant egg on a pedestal represents the wondrous things we want to hatch for ourselves. The owl cautions us to be clear, deliberate, and wise with our intent, while the field of dandelions beckons us to set our intentions upon the wind so that they may plant themselves where needed in order to produce bountiful results.

What are you waiting for? Get out there and get started on changing your world!

Until Next Time, Pixilators!

Wishing You Peace, Love, & Pixie Dust


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