Foresight Friday: Crow Your Way into the Next Chapter of Your Story

The Secret Language of Animals Oracle

Foresight Friday: Crow Your Way into the Next Chapter of Your Story 

Divination Method: The Secret Language of Animals Oracle Cards

Card(s) Drawn: Crow

Key Word(s): Communication, Transformation, Story, Universal Law


“I am a unique being

Living my story, epic and true

I walk my own way, to my own beat

Weaving ancient wisdom into the sacred new”


My Interpretation:

I like to think of Crows as the Bards of the Animal Kingdom. They are playful, friendly, creative, and love to collect things (especially shiny things). Their fantastic memories allow them to remember the faces of those who have helped them…and those who have harmed them, and to spread the tales of both to their brethren.

Spiritually speaking, Crow is the Communicator, the Learner, the Problem Solver, the Keeper

Crow Card from The Secret Language of Animals Oracle
of Universal Law, and the Gate Keeper.

Crow appears to help us transition from one chapter to the next as we move through the story of our life. He reminds us of the gifts and skills we’ve gathered along the way, along with the accomplishments and lessons that have brought us to the current threshold.

Crow is here to challenge us. Not in a confrontational way, but spiritually. He appears to ask us what we have learned, what the purpose of our path is, and if we are ready to enter the next phase? He prods us to do some self-examination, and to proudly proclaim our purpose and who we are before allowing us to pass into the next phase of kicking ass and taking names.

So what does this mean? It means that all of the work we’ve done is finally paying off. We’ve been through some shit y’all and now we get to enjoy the spoils of our labor. Whether that be things that are happening in our day to day lives, or our spiritual lives, or both - we’ve earned ourselves some shinies (proverbial or literal is totally up to you)!

It’s time to claim our spiritual, moral, physical, and mental victories big or small (this is a time when size really does not matter). We know where we’ve been, and at least the direction of our next steps. Now, all we’ve got to do is walk the walk, and talk the talk of the magnificent Badasses that we are!

We may not do things the way everyone says we should, and that’s fine. Crow wants us to keep going, to keep being our unique selves, to remember how far we’ve come, and to keep our eyes on the proverbial prizes that await us as our stories progress.

Hook is coming to mind again...There's a scene when Peter has discovered who he truly is and what he can do. He also regains his sense of purpose and confidence. To me, it's a moment that pretty well depicts the vibe for next week, so here's a little video clip:

Yes, I realize that crowing is more rooster-like than crow-like, but it's still the same sentiment. If you'd rather a more crow-centric expression of awesomeness, I tend to use "Caw-Caw, Bitches!" an awful lot. LOL

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