Foresight Friday: This Week We Enter The Dragon's Lair

Enchanted Map Oracle Cards and Booklet

Foresight Friday: This Week We Enter The Dragon's Lair

Divination Method: The Enchanted Map Oracle

Card(s) Drawn: Dragon’s Lair

Key Word(s): Danger, Challenges, Caution, Awareness, Bravery

Words of Wisdom: “You are always protected and Divinely directed.”

My Interpretation:

Eesh! Ok, as much as I adore dragons, this card doesn’t fill me full of warm fuzzies. It’s not a “bad card” per se, but it does mean that we should be cautious.

Caution does not equate to living in fear…but, that by no means translates to there being

Enchanted Map Oracle Dragon's Lair Card
nothing to be afraid of either.

The path that lies before us this next week will be fraught with challenges, and will require us to be markedly aware of our surroundings. So: PAY ATTENTION!

There may be moments when we are acutely aware of the challenges that await us, but if we are prepared - and do not act rashly - we can summon up the courage to do that which needs to be done.

This card depicts water in different states. The apparent stillness of the lake surrounding a fortress covered in ice are what immediately draw my attention…but, those calm looking waters are deceiving. At the bottom of the card, near its title, we can see the top of a waterfall.

What does all that mean? Well, water represents emotions. So I think part of what we need to keep an eye on in the coming week is how we are feeling and reacting to situations, and to also be aware of becoming overwhelmed by them. Or, as indicated by the ice, have feelings that have been put on hold suddenly come back to bite us and cause us to react in ways that will be detrimental to our current quest.

Some of us are trying new things, venturing out on our own, looking at trying to get a promotion or a whole new career. Others have decided to write that book, start a new relationship, get married, finally get their degree, or even start shopping for a new home.

Whatever the adventure may be, there’s both excitement and fears that come along as part of the package. We can’t allow ourselves to get discouraged by a slew of “what ifs”. Nor can we become so blinded by our enthusiasm that we fail to navigate around any obstacles or pitfalls that may pop up along the way.

As we’ve been told in the past few readings, we’ve got all the tools we need. We need to trust our instincts, but we also have to be smart about it.

While many of us may be embarking on personal quests in the coming week, I can’t help but feel that this card is also warning those of us living in the United States to protect ourselves - and others - as COVID numbers continue to rise at an alarming rate through much of the country.

I’m sure some of you are tired of hearing about it, hell; I know I am; but this isn’t going away any time soon - regardless of what nonsense is coming out of the White House. (Disagree with me if you want to, but Me and My House will Follow The Science.)

So, we shouldn’t go through life terrified, but we do need to continue to protect ourselves and those who we may come into contact with while being out in the world. Therefore I will say this one more time: 

Wash Your Damn Hands, Keep Your Frikken Distance, and Wear A Damn Mask.


Whatever it is that you’ll be dealing with in the coming week:

Trust Your Instincts, Be Brave, Be Cautious, Be Aware, & - Now, More Than Ever - Be Kind.


Until Next Time, Pixilators!

Wishing You Peace, Love, & Pixie Dust


  1. I see dragon's lair and I think 1 thing, armor required when entering. So protect yourself when entering. Wear your Damm mask.


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