Foresight Friday: It's Time to Look at The Big Picture

Flower Magic Oracle Deck

Foresight Friday: It's Time to Look at The Big Picture

Divination Method: Flower Magic Oracle

Card(s) Drawn: Cosmos

Key Word(s): Opportunity

Words of Wisdom:

“When opportunity knocks on your door,

Make sure that you are ready for more.

Look at all the options given,

Helping you become more driven.

Make sure now that your choices are wise,

Then the possibilities are high as the skies.”


My Interpretation:

Cosmos Card from Flower Magic Oracle Deck
Cosmos, anyone?? Nope, I don’t mean the delightful cocktails often enjoyed on Sex in the City. I mean the pretty daisy-like flowers that are representative of the well-ordered whole. (Although, if you wish to imbibe, by all means go ahead. I certainly won’t stop you!)

The name says it all really: Cosmos = The Universe. And, while The Universe may seem like a great big jumbled mess of, well…everything; it is actually a very well-ordered mechanism in which all of its seemingly random parts work together to perform the ultimate Dance Number of Divinity.

So what does that mean for us in the week to come? It means it’s time for us to sit down and figure out what we feel is our mess, sort things out, and find the order within the chaos. Once we do that, we will begin to notice the Pathways of Opportunity that lay within it.

When I see this appear just a week after Dragonfly, who encouraged us to let go and see where the wind took us; I feel like maybe some of us got a little carried away, and perhaps are overwhelmed by the experiences and/or new options that presented themselves to us. Some of us may have even let go a little too much and found ourselves in a position we’re not quite sure how to get out of. Cosmos is here to show us that we can sort it all out and get back on the path that will bring us to whatever we need or desire.

Sometimes we find that things aren’t going as we’d planned, and it seems like they never will. We get frustrated and may even have the occasional tantrum because we don’t think we have what we need in order to get where we want to be. But, as pretty much every card I pull from every deck I own keeps reminding us: We are all already equipped with all that we need to fulfill our destinies.

A dear friend sent this next image in a text just now as I’m typing this up, and I feel like a lot of us can relate.

Meme of child crying while sitting on a book that says "Life is super tough when you can’t pick up the book you want because you’re sitting on it."

This insightful little piece of internet wisdom says “Life is super tough when you can’t pick up the book you want because you’re sitting on it.” BIG OOF, am I right? I think a lot of us are focusing too much on the minutia and are thereby getting in our own way because we’re failing to see the bigger picture - and that’s why Cosmos has popped into our lives today. I mean, I really love it when I get confirmation of the messages I’m giving y’all WHILE I’m relaying them. Seriously, Divination is cool as fuck peeps.

Y’know what? I’m already starting to see some pathways opening for myself in regard to this little Pixilated corner of the internet (which I promise will finish cooking in my brain and be revealed to you in the coming days…I’m thinking Saturday. A lovely Lughnasadh announcement, if you will! Yikes! I guess I’d better get to work, since that’s super frikkin close! LOL

The world may be a great big steaming pile of caca at the moment, and fighting for and protecting the greater good is way up on our priority list. However, we need to remember to take care of ourselves, and do what we can to better our own lives and beings as well in the process.

Do the works that need doing, engage in self-care as needed, eat the rich, wash your hands, crush the patriarchy, and wear a damn mask.

Until Next Time, Pixilators!

Wishing You Peace, Love, & Pixie Dust  


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