Foresight Friday: Connect With Water & Go With the Flow

Stylized photo of The Secret Language of Animals Oracle Deck

Foresight Friday: Connect With Water & Go With the Flow

Divination Method: The Secret Language of Animals Oracle Cards

Card(s) Drawn: Water

Key Word(s): Feeling, Awakening, Expression, Life


 “I am one with the ocean life. I flow with the river of all possibility and I sing my songs with the tides. Divine water, move through my body and bring the gift of life to my whole being!”


My Interpretation:

Water makes up 70% of our planet and 70% of our bodies. It is the sustainer of life, and is representative of the depth and fluidity of our emotions.

Water has a knack for making its own way through what may seem like an impassable path. If there is even the smallest opening, water will find it without struggling, and as it flows through it gradually wears away at the obstacle that surrounds it, and eventually clears an easier path.

Water Card from The Secret Language of Animals Oracle
Many of us are currently struggling with obstacles, and are experiencing a thirst for…something. Whether it is knowledge, freedom from a situation, a means of creative expression or simply Peace…water can help guide us through the dams of life and provide us with the means to quench our proverbial thirsts.

So, we need to find a way to tune ourselves into these incredible water vibes this week. Safely visiting a river, stream, lake, or ocean would be an ideal way to connect, contemplate, and listen to what water has to teach us (COVID is still out there y’all - keep your distance & wear a damn mask!).

If it’s not possible - or if the general anxiety of just being near people is simply too much - we can utilize some of water’s creative mojo and think outside the box!

We can connect with water daily in the shower, or while taking a nice long bath. Even drinking our daily intake of water can become a mindful and spiritual task if we take a moment to honor that which sustains us.

We can also spend time watching fountains & birdbaths, and even listening to recordings of crashing waves or rainstorms. And, speaking of rainstorms, little is more refreshing than standing out in the rain on a hot summer day/evening allowing Mother Nature to wash away our troubles so we can start anew.

It’s time to stop being so incredibly regimented and set in our ways. Sometimes the comfort of The Known is not what is best for us. Staying where things are comfortable can lead to stagnation…and anyone who has ever seen what happens to a stagnant body of water will know…it ain’t good!

A line from Madonna’s “Express Yourself” comes to mind when I think about becoming stagnant: “You deserve the best in life. So if the time isn’t right, then move on.”

So, we need to seek out the flow and GO WITH IT! The ride may be uncertain at times, but trust that in Nature, water always goes where it’s supposed to. A teensy drop of rain lands in a babbling brook that flows to a roaring river, and eventually brings it back home to the ocean.  It will lead us home too.

Enjoy your weekend, Pixilators!

Wishing You Peace, Love, & Pixie Dust


  1. Love this sentiment! Living it as often as I can by visiting the ocean, listening to the waves, feeling the cold water on my feet.

    1. That is FANTASTIC! Find time for the Joy & Wisdom of Water wherever and whenever you can!


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