Foresight Friday: Be Cautious as We Encounter The Lying Hare

The Sidhe Oracle of The Fleeting Hare

Foresight Friday: Be Cautious as We Encounter The Lying Hare

Divination Method: The Sidhe Oracle of the Fleeting Hare

Card(s) Drawn: The Lying Hare

Key Word(s): Falsehoods, Distractions, Caution

My Interpretation: 

It looks like we’ve got another week of staying on our toes, Pixilators! The Lying Hare

likes to run around the truth, so be wary of those spinning boisterous tales or giving unsolicited advice.

We have to trust ourselves and our instincts in order to stay the course and head down the proper Path. Be wary of naysayers, including those in our own minds that would sabotage what we’re each trying to work toward.

Those who spew falsehoods often do so convincingly by sprinkling in pieces of truth, or

The Lying Hair Card
things that sound like they could be true…and they (including those little assholes in our own heads) try to dissuade us from the truth by praying on our fears and insecurities. We have to shut those nasty mother-f*ckers down by channeling our inner Barney Fife and nip that shit in the bud! (If you don’t know who Barney Fife is, do your Auntie Pixie a favor and start binging The Andy Griffith Show. It’s a wholesome and corny good time of an old timey T.V. show….some of the seasons are even in *gasp* black and white!!)

Once again, this card doesn’t just apply to each of our individual journeys, but also screams to me of the bigger picture as well. I’m just going to go right ahead and say it folks, there’s a Lying Hare that’s set up residence in The White House. He’s got himself a whole mess of Lying Leverets (a leveret is a baby hare…just an F.Y.I.) that are eager to help the big guy weave and spread all sorts of lies.

If we want the facts, we’re going to have to dig for them, because efforts are underway to make them even more difficult to come by (Helloooo, skirting the CDC…what the actual fuck??)

But, I digress. Not all of us have it in us to “Fight the Power” right now, and you know what? That’s perfectly ok. We just have to be diligent at not believing everything we hear at face value. No matter our current circumstances.

If we find ourselves overwhelmed, whether by a deceiver, the idea of a deceiver, or just life in general; we can always look to nature. Losing ourselves for a few moments of watching the clouds blow by, or looking at the loveliness of the Moon can be highly therapeutic and just might help us to remember what’s important.


Until Next Time, Pixilators!

Wishing You Peace, Love, & Pixie Dust



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