Pixie Book Review: Pagan Portals - Sun Magic by Rachel Patterson

Review of the book: Pagan Portals - Sun Magic by Rachel Patterson

Pixie Book Review: Pagan Portals - Sun Magic by Rachel Paterson
Moon Books June 28, 2019 | $10.95 Paperback | ISBN 978-1-78904-101-9

Full disclosure, before I get started: I've known the author of this book, Rachel Patterson, for roughly 15 years (this is a VERY approximate number - my brain isn't what it used to be), as we used to be a part of the same online community. I have never met her in person, as we reside on different continents, but maybe one day (fingers crossed). 

Anyway, I know her to be a lovely, thoughtful, and caring human who loves her family, knows her craft, and really enjoys cake. Up until the time I set out to review this book, I had yet to read any of her work outside of Facebook posts. 

With all that said, on to my review!

Read my review of the book Pagan Portals - Sun Magic by Rachel PattersonSun Magic is part of the Moon Books 'Pagan Portals' series. Published June 28, 2019.

I've been wanting to read Rachel's books for a while now, as she is most widely known for being a Kitchen Witch and kitchen witchery is an aspect of my personal practice. While Sun Magic is not her first book by far, I chose it to be the first; mainly because I felt it was an appropriate seasonal read.

I have to say that I adore Rachel's writing style which, much like my own, is more conversational and includes all the little random thoughts that pop into her head along the way (it's nice to know I'm not the only one that does this).

Upon starting this 127 page text I learned something about the cycles of the sun right off the bat (page 2!). I had always assumed the sun had cycles, I just never knew what they were...and never got around to looking them up. Thankfully, Rachel explains things in a way that anyone can understand. No need for a science degree.

Sun Magic touches on a great many things such as what magick to work during each phase of the Sun, Astrological Signs, and special celestial events such as Solstices & Eclipses. (I will say it was refreshing to see someone refer to fertility as being about more than just making babies! So few authors actually bother to point that out. Some folks need to here it, and I'm glad she mentions it.)

This book is chock full of correspondences, and guidelines for using Sun energy in your workings, without being absolute or rigid. Rachel emphasizes that your intuition is the ultimate guide as to how to use the information she has provided.

Other items I found quite useful were a Sun Ritual, instructions for Drawing Down the Sun, and four simple meditations - Sun Meditation, Rainbow Meditation, Meditation to Meet a Sun Animal, Meditation to Meet a Sun Deity. My personal experience with the Sun Animal meditation included a lovely interlude with a buzzy bee.

Rachel finishes with a handful of Sun-related recipes for biscuits, cookies, muffins, and (of course) cake.

All in all this was a delightful and easy read. Excellent for the beginner, but also includes plenty of information and a different perspective for experienced practitioners.


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