Flower Magic Guidance for the Week Ahead #ForesightFriday

Coffee & Cards Time with Rachel Patterson's Flower Magic Oracle

Flower Magic Guidance for the Week Ahead

Happy Friday, Pixilators! I hope you’re all hanging in there and staying safe in this kooky, crazy world of ours. Good news though: The weekend is here! I know, I know, that doesn’t really mean much for a lot of folks right now, but maybe acknowledging the weekend will at least help you have a shot at knowing what day it is.

Anywhooo, I’m using a new deck this week! Today is the inaugural appearance of Rachel Patterson’s Flower Magic Oracle Cards. You’ll be hearing her name from me a lot in the next couple weeks, as next week I’ll be reviewing her book “Sun Magic”. The following week I’ll give you my full assessment of her oracle deck, as well, so stay tuned. Alrighty, onto today’s reading…

Divination Method: Flower Magic Oracle

Card(s) Drawn: Grass

Key Word(s): Complications

Words of Wisdom:
Life is easy, if you don’t complicate.
Simplicity is what you can create.
Untie the knots, let loose the pain,
You only have good things to gain.
Release the bind that holds so tight,
And no longer will you need to fight.

My Interpretation:

Ok, I will admit that when I first pulled this card my initial reaction was “Well, shit!” BUT, then I looked at the actual meaning of the card, and I’m feeling better.

Grass Card from Rachel Patterson's Flower Magic Oracle 
The coming week will have its challenges, but that doesn’t mean it has to be written off as craptastic. Take a look at what complications arise, and examine whether or not they are of - or being exacerbated by - your own doing. Grass asks us to examine our thoughts and habits, and to check those that no longer serve us at the door. So…do that!

What is holding you back from achieving your dreams? Well, let that shit go!

It’s not all about release though; some knots are useful…if what they help you hold on to is actually something you want or need. I mean, knots can help keep a boat safely tied to the dock, or keep unruly shoe laces from causing you to fall on your face. So, try a little knot magic this week to help you grasp what it is you truly desire. Tie a knot in a string…or long piece of grass, while focusing on your intent. If you want, say a few words (a teeny spell or affirmation) to help clarify your intent.

The bottom line is get out of your own head, focus on actively unfucking what’s fucked up, and tie yourself to some positivity, prosperity, and the notion that you can make your dreams come true.

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Until Next Time, Pixilators!

Wishing You Peace, Love, & Pixie Dust.


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