Ideas for Celebrating Beltane 2020 at Home & Online

Backyard Beltane Bonfire

Ideas for Celebrating Beltane 2020 at Home & Online

Beltane, the midpoint between spring and summer, celebrates the union of the Goddess and the God, and the joining of male and female energies in order to create new life. You’ll finally be able to notice the abundance of foliage and flowers springing up around you. You may also notice an increase in your energy levels now that the sun is a bit more prevalent in the sky.  This is the time we really wake up and feel like DOING THINGS with our bodies.  

Playing, dancing, running, hiking, creating art, and making love are all magnificent examples of how we can utilize this energy. However you choose to use Beltane’s fertile energy, you’ll likely discover that tapping into nature’s wild and crazy side will heighten your experiences to new levels.

Under normal circumstances, many of us would be gathering with our covens, or attending festivals to celebrate this day that celebrates everything that is Fire, Love, Passion, Creation, and Connection. But, how do we celebrate in this time of quarantine?

At Home Activities:

Write letters to your loved ones and significant others: Yup! Write actual, honest to goodness letters. I’m talking pen and paper folks! What better way to express your feelings and to show appreciation to those you love? This works whether the intended recipient is in the house with you, or is isolated elsewhere.

Make Your Own Maypole for BeltaneA Nice, Romantic Dinner: Encourage connectedness with your partner, in person if you live together, or via zoom or other video chat platform if you don’t, is a fun way to enjoy an evening together and rekindling your connection. If you are currently without a partner,  show yourself some love by getting all fancied up and treating yourself, or even have a Dinner - or dessert  -with the Divine. Make something that your special diety would enjoy, and spend the evening reading stories or poems about them, or WRITE a poem for them. Let your imagination roam free!

Make Your Own Maypole Decoration: This is great if you’ve got kiddos! Take a dowel or long straight stick, cram it into some floral foam, put the foam end into a flower pot, and cover with some stones. Next decorate the pole with long ribbons hanging from the top of your stick, and then adorn it with flowers (real, dried, synthetic or even paper ones the kids make themselves).

Have a Bonfire: I mean this can be as simple as sitting around the fire pit, but you can also throw in a little music and dancing. Make it your own mini Fire Festival. If you don’t have the means, or if the weather isn’t cooperating, light some candles indoors and make it an indoor festival instead.

If you’re looking to connect with the Pagan Community, or need help with having a Beltane ritual at home, there are many online events that you can attend as well.

Virtual Events Round Up:

Thursday April 30th

Beltane Fire Society’s Online Festival: This one which takes place Thursday April 30th really looks interesting to me. The Beltane Fire Society based in Scotland, states on their website “This isn’t a live stream – not on its own anyway. We know that our volunteers have a wide variety of talents and interests, and thought this would be a great way to explore them all. We’ll be sharing video, music, visual art, poetry, photography, and a little bit of character work throughout the evening, which will all be collected together here in its multimedia glory on our website.” Check it out Thursday April 30th 7:00 - 9:45 pm BST (2:00 -4:45 EDT). Click here for more info and schedule: Virtual Beltane Info

Friday May 1st

Beltane Ritual with Prajnaparamita Puja: For those with Buddhist leanings, this UK based Beltane “Prajnaparamita will be the central focus for the puja, a female Buddha, known as the great mother of all the Buddhas.” Ritual to be held virtually via Zoom on May 1st 7:30 - 9:30 pm BST (2:30 - 4:30 EDT) Find more info, including Zoom link & meeting code at North London Buddhist Centre

Saturday May 2nd

Circle Sanctuary Beltane Festival: A 3 hour virtual Beltane Festival held via their Facebook page. Festival goes from 10:00 to 1:00 PDT on May 2nd. Find more info here:

EarthSpirit Online Beltaine Ritual: This was originally scheduled to be an in-person event, but organizers found  a way to make sure the festivities would go on! Gather is at 4:00 pm EDT on May 2nd, and is scheduled to last one hour. Items needed for ritual: 3 strips of ribbon, fabric, or string, and at least one seed. Check out the Facebook event page for registration link: EarthSpirit Presents: Virtual Beltaine 2020

You Pick the Time & Place

Beltane in Your Own Private Space: The Wiccan Church of Minnesota has provided a written ritual to be performed “within a Circle drawn by yourself in a Safe Space of your own Choosing”. The ritual involves reading the ritual, and through visualization, gathering with other participants to dance in celebration. You can find this ritual here: Virtual Beltaine

Goddess Rising Mystery School Virtual Beltane: Goddess Rising Mystery School has provided a female-centric Virtual Beltane Ritual via a video and a list of items needed to perform it. The information page states: “We welcome you to join us as we gather in sisterhood for an activation ritual to honour your sacred and creative sensual power as a woman and the Divine Sovereign Consciousness within your Womb Space with the alchemy of your sacred feminine and sacred masculine Inner Union.” This ritual is available to be performed at your convenience. Allow approximately 2 hrs. Online Beltane Ritual~ Alchemy Of Sacred Inner Union

However you decide to celebrate, I do hope you have a wonderful time. Have more ideas on how peeps can celebrate Beltane while being socially distant? Drop your suggestions in my comments.

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