What to Expect from The Pixilated Path

While I've still got too much going on to get back here fully, I still wanted to pop in and give an idea of what to expect as you wander with me down The Pixilated Path.

First, since my old blog posts no longer exist, I figured I should explain why I chose Pixilated to describe this little portion of the internet.

Well, I have a deep love for old movies, and several years ago, when I decided to change the name of my blog a Gary Cooper picture came to mind. In "Mr. Deeds Goes to Town" Cooper plays Longfellow Deeds, who at one point, finds himself in the courtroom as someone tried to gain control of his fortune by declaring him mentally incompetent. This, my friends is where
I first heard this fantastic word! here's a clip in which it's used (Ignore the use of "Pixelated" in the video clip's title, the person who posted it used the wrong frikken word. 😒):

I fell in love with the word (which gets even more time later in the scene). By definition Pixilated, is an adjective derived from pixie (as the good Doctor explains in the clip), it describes someone who is slightly eccentric or mentally disordered, amusingly whimsical, prankish, silly, or, as Webster's so keenly puts it, "somewhat unbalanced mentally.". If you know me...you understand that this should include a photo of me. 😂

So, long story not-so-short, I've decided that this blog will be much like my brain: pretty much anything goes. Meaning, I 'm going to jump around on topics. One post could be witchy, another could have a recipe, another with some remarkably astute observation (if I do say so myself, lol).

Expect pop culture references, an odd sense of humor, a love of food, music, and art of all kinds.As I said in my last post, I do plan to bring back Foresight Fridays...I'm also planning to do some witchy book reviews. If there's something you want my take on, please let me know! Just expect the unexpected, really. I mean, hell...I barely know what to expect from myself on a daily basis, I can hardly expect you to! lol

Hopefully you stick around. I still have a lot of work I'd like to do on the website, so please excuse any mess that gets brought about by construction. I'd love to hear from you too, so feel free to slide into my comments.

Until next time...
Wishing you Peace, Love, & Pixie Dust


  1. Looks like you're off to a good start!

  2. As a computer geek, I'm glad you explained the difference between pixilated and pixel. Makes much more sense now, and fits you so very well. It feels like the pixilated path would be the one less travelled from the fork in the woods.

    1. Leave it to me to use a word that nobody has heard of, right?? LOL But, yes, it's certainly a oath less traveled, and it's one with unexpected turns. 💗

    2. Aaaaand that should be "path" not "oath", that's what I get for replying from my phone. 🤦‍♀️


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