Separate, But Together #ForesightFriday

Separate, But Together #ForesightFriday

Divination Method: The Sidhe Oracle of the Fleeting Hare

Card(s) Drawn: The Solitary Hare

Key Word(s): Solitude, Grief, Joy, Strength, Remembering What’s Important, Share the Good with Others

My Interpretation:

I swear to the Gods that I shuffled the deck! LOL I mean, I kinda feel like The Universe is stating the obvious here, but, clearly some of us need to be told the obvious (Just sayin’). Soooo, yes, the vibe for the coming week is more solitude. However, “solitude” doesn’t have to mean “completely alone”! You can grieve the loss of “normalcy” while still taking time to find something to be joyful about. It is Spring, after all, and the weather is warming, the birds and squirrels are chattering, and the sun makes more appearances than it did even a month ago.

Now is the time to focus on what is truly important to you…not what society tells you should be important to you. We have been thrust outside of the societal norms, and even those who are still working out in the world can’t say things are “business as usual”.

So, in your time of solitude; find your strength, find some joy (perhaps a new hobby…or an old one?), and try to help others do the same. Check in on your friends and family. Have group chats, share funny memes and animal videos. It’s also quite alright to share your fears and anxieties…I’d wager we’ve all had our moments during this uncertain time. Try not to let them consume you, but someone just may need to hear that they’re not the only one who has an occasional melt-down (I’ve had a couple of them myself in the last 2 weeks).

Hang in there, Pixilators! We're all in this together...but, separately! Maintain that Social Distancing, Stay Home as much as you can, and tell those who are important to you that you love them. Oh yeah, and: Keep Washing Your Hand!

I hope you are all able to rediscover a lost joy, or stumble across some new ones.

Until Next Time: Wishing You Peace, Love & Pixie Dust


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